Multiburner REDMOND SkyBaker RMB-M657 / 1S: we prepare delicious dishes using a smartphone

Hello! Very soon, Russia will begin selling new smart device series REDMOND Smart Home. It's about the multi-Baker REDMOND SkyBaker RMB-M657 / 1S, which can be controlled via Bluetooth within the apartment or via the Internet from anywhere in the world. It looks like this:

It is worth recalling that in the line of REDMOND there are a number of multi-cakes without a control function from a smartphone. You can get acquainted with their capabilities and features on the official website of the company - right here . A detailed review of one of the models can be found in the official REDMOND blog on

New - REDMOND SkyBaker RMB-M657 / 1S - is similar in its purpose and culinary functionality to other multi-baker REDMOND. Actually, what is it all about - a multi-baker? And how does it differ from electric grills, which REDMOND, by the way, also releases? A multi-baker is in essence a kind of waffle iron with a few more features.

Grills are usually completed with grooved frying surfaces (sometimes removable, sometimes not). They are suitable for meat, fish, shawarma, burgers, sausages. Multipekari REDMOND are more versatile devices. Everything listed on them can also be cooked, and in addition to these dishes - also various figure baked goods and, for example, the same omelets. It is implemented as follows. REDMOND multi-cooker panels are removable. And in place of the complete, you can install any other. For example, REDMOND SkyBaker RMB-M657 / 1S comes with grill panels, i.e., ribbed. And you can buy any of about 40 more options. The picture below shows, of course, not all panels, but most of them.

As you can see, there are options for donuts, pizza (rectangular), sandwiches, cutlets, omelets, different cookies, and so on - do not list everything. Each of these panels at a price of 995 rubles essentially replaces a separate device.

As we said above, the REDMOND SkyBaker RMB-M657 / 1S is the first REDMOND multi-baker with the ability to control from a smartphone or, say, a tablet. What does this give?

In the application Ready for Sky, with which the operation of the device is synchronized, you can give a command to heat the panels - this is, let's say, the zero stage of cooking.

When the panels are heated - the application will signal this, and you can put the dough or other products in time in the multi-baker.

In Ready for Sky, you can set a timer to calmly go about your business while the dish is being prepared. There is no need to constantly check the degree of readiness: when the process is completed, the corresponding notification will come to the smartphone.

After cooking is complete, REDMOND SkyBaker RMB-M657 / 1S maintains the dish on automatic heating for 3 hours. If necessary, you can turn off the heating through the Ready for Sky application. This option will be relevant to save energy, as well as due to the peculiarities of the recipe: for example, no baking is required when baking thin or Dutch waffles.

There is a delayed start function. In the application, you can specify a delayed start time, pre-laying the ingredients on the panel. After that, you can go about your business, and by your return home REDMOND SkyBaker RMB-M657 / 1S will prepare a delicious dish.

Did the pastries have time to cool? Or did you get a previously cooked dish from the fridge? You should put on the REDMOND SkyBaker RMB-M657 / 1S panel warming up buns, donuts, pizza, closed pie with pastry, pasties or omelet - and start the warm up mode from your smartphone.

The Ready for Sky app has a built-in recipe book for REDMOND smart multi Bakers. With its help, you can start cooking in one click. The book contains a variety of recipes for sweet and dietetic pastries, hot appetizers, grilled dishes and sandwiches.

Each recipe shows the calorie content of the dish, the ingredients, the detailed order of preparation, and the article / name of the panels with which you can make the selected treat. The built-in recipe book is interactive: if you have already prepared a recipe of your choice, you can leave your comments in a special tab with notes. For example, you can mark, than to replace sugar, and what spices to add, in order to bake acquired the taste that you like exactly.

If you accidentally confused sand waffles with Viennese ones and started cooking not according to the recipe you wanted, you can instantly correct the work of the multi-Baker through the application.

As mentioned above, today REDMOND has more than 40 options for removable panels for multi-cakes. For convenience, the Ready for Sky application provides a filter of the panels - with its help, you can find recipes that are suitable for the panels you already have.

Finally add the following. You can control the REDMOND SkyBaker RMB-M657 / 1S either via Bluetooth within the apartment, or remotely. For the latter option, you need to use a gateway, which will, on the one hand, be connected to a smart multi-cue (as well as any other smart REDMOND Smart Home technology) via Bluetooth, and on the other, to your smartphone via the Internet. There are four options. The first is to use a separate “home” smartphone or tablet with the R4S Gateway application installed. For those who do not have an extra smartphone, REDMOND offers a turnkey solution with MTS. It includes a simple Android device with the Telematics package, which provides 5 MB of traffic per month for 7.5 rubles. This is enough to control 10 REDMOND Smart Home devices.

The second option, more elegant, is to purchase a REDMOND SkyCenter 11S device. Here it is:

REDMOND SkyCenter 11S (it is written about it in the middle of the article) connects to your home Wi-Fi network, and REDMOND SkyBaker RMB-M657 / 1S connects via Bluetooth. Actually, that's all: you can give a command to the smart multi-baker from the subway from your smartphone so that he can warm up or prepare one or another dish for your return.

The third option is to buy a REDMOND SkyBox 100S set-top box. It turns out “two in one”: this is, in fact, a set-top box on Android, and a control center with SkyCenter 11S capabilities.

The last option, the fourth, is REDMOND SkyCenter SC100S. This is a home video surveillance system in which, again, the ability to control REDMOND Smart Home devices is implemented.

And now - pricing information. REDMOND SkyBaker RMB-M657 / 1S will be available in December 2017 and will cost 3,495 rubles. However, the model is already available for pre-order on very tasty conditions. Those who pre-order a smart multi-baker before December 15 will receive a 30% discount. That is for 2 449 rubles. Very good bonus, so we recommend everyone to hurry with pre-order.

PS And one more thing. In the REDMOND SmartHome line, there is a device called the REDMOND SkyPort RSP-100S / 103S . With its help, we recall, you can turn the usual REDMOND technique into smart. By acquiring such a piece to the existing REDMOND multi-baker, you will receive an analogue of the REDMOND SkyBaker RMB-M657 / 1S - in the sense that the device can also be controlled from smartphones. In January, there will be an update for the Ready for Sky application, with which REDMOND SkyPort RSP-100S / 103S works, and it will realize almost all the features that are available to owners of REDMOND SkyBaker RMB-M657 / 1S.


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