rolled out the beta "Disk-O:", to connect the clouds as a disk

Less than two to five years, when they finally released a convenient way to connect Cloud (not WebDAV) and the clouds of other companies. Official news yet, and since this may be of interest to many users of mobile devices, I decided to publish here.

There have already been a lot of publications about Cloud on habragik. I recommend to note that Cloud can be connected as WebDAV (+ can download large files and encryption), and also use a very convenient plugin for Total Commander .

So far, the beta only supports Cloud (free of charge; promises to support any number of devices and 1st disk) and Yandex disk (free until February 1), but promise to add other services soon. So among the primary tasks stated ambulance support Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.

Also promise:

- ∞ number of disks
- Up to 3 devices per user
- 8 GB Mail.Ru Clouds *
- Data is protected via SSL *
* - supported in the free version

Installation is simple, but a reboot is required. After rebooting, add the correct cloud:

And enjoy:

Official video:

Found problems:
Does not support too long paths.
Installation on computers without the support of Cyrillic fonts will take place at random.
Until February 1, you can use other clouds for free, which is completely useless, since the Yandexdisk has webdav , and there is no support for other clouds yet
does not support macOS High Sierra - seycom #
does not support 32-bit windows? (not accurate, maybe other common installation problems) - artemerschow #

Windows and macOS

Update: added errors, screenshot
# Addition from runalsh - there is a more functional third-party counterpart - airexplorer ; + details from sploid about differences and minuses.
How to get the official WebDAV and upload files more than 2 GB (@ aik )
A little about synchronization and caching . sploid
Build with support for setting the path for the cache in the registry. sploid


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