Raise3D N2 - 3D assistant in creating puppet images

We are very pleased to receive grateful feedback from our customers, and especially valuable when customers share their stories about using 3D printers in their business or as a hobby.

Our client, Olga Schulyatetskaya’s creative workshop, has a very unusual application area for a Raise3D N2 3D printer. We share with you a fascinating story of the founders of the creative workshop of Olga and Alexey.

Do you like dolls? You will be surprised to know how many people of different ages are addicted to them. And not just collect. Many people want to create unique images for their “pupperers”. Someone at the same time turns to professionals, and someone starts to create himself. And often faces the lack of professional patterns and necessary accessories for sewing clothes and shoes.

Our creative workshop solves all these problems. We create original magazines pattern clothes and shoes for dolls. With their help, almost every craftswoman can translate their ideas and create a unique outfit.

It would seem, where does the 3D-printer?

It turns out that it is an indispensable tool in creating various accessories for creativity. By purchasing RAISE3D N2 DUAL, we launched small-scale production of shoes for shoes, mannequins for hats, and various types of doll decorations.

A pad is a simple and very necessary device for creating doll shoes.

We used to try to make them out of plaster, but the quality was far from the best. 3D printer has become a real salvation in this matter. With the help of Raise3D, we start printing a large number of products at the same time. At the same time, print quality is perfect, surface smoothness, durability and detailing are beyond praise.

And this is not an advertisement. Raise3D became the third 3D printer in our workshop, but it was only thanks to him that we truly understood what quality and reliable printing is.

Now the print time of 18 hours or more does not scare us. Failures in the press and marriage are practically absent. This printer can rightly be called a "printer out of the box." The first seal was made immediately after unpacking. A test cube - and then immediately a batch of shoes with excellent quality. There was a short time to get used to the printer, but after 2 months we can say with confidence that the RAISE3D N2 DUAL is the ideal 3D printer for small-scale production.

We wish Alexey and Olga success and new achievements in their creative business! Judging by the activity of the participants of the creative workshop groups in social networks and the number of hits, the workshop has a great future =)

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