The cunning owner of Model S minite cryptocurrency at Tesla free recharging stations

Miner mini farm hid in Tesla trunk

The most valuable resource needed for the extraction of cryptocurrencies is electricity. Electricity is already being spent on generating coins more than a country like Ireland (and 19 other EU countries) consumes . This is 0.13% of global energy consumption at a cost of one and a half billion dollars a year - but what to do, the global financial system requires appropriate infrastructure.

At the moment, the annual consumption of the Bitcoin network is estimated at 30.25 TWh . So, yesterday, 82.86 GWh burned in a digital gold smelting furnace. The single transaction takes 275 kWh , which is enough for daily power supply of nine large private cottages.

Well, in general, you understand the idea. To conduct transactions and generate bitcoins need electricity. A lot of electricity.

The cheaper electricity you have, the more profitable the mining is, so in China - where more than half of the world's bitcoin is mined - farms prefer to build in industrial zones. Those originally designed next to powerful generators of cheap electricity, like hydroelectric power plants. In Europe, miners are experimenting with small 700-watt windmills to generate Zcash “from the air” in rural conditions.

Wind turbine and mining equipment

As can be seen in the screenshot, it turns out very well: every day, a significant amount of ZEC “inflates” to the wallet.

But what if you are not lucky to live near the industrial zone, and there is no windmill either? Worse, you live in a capitalist country with high electricity rates, what then? Probably, most will say that it remains to forget about mining and stupid to buy Bitcoins for Fiat. But this is not the cunning American who told about his invention in the closed group Tesla Owners Worldwide on Facebook (via Eco Motoring News ).

In the group they discussed the latest rise in the price of Bitcoin, and someone jokingly suggested that it might make sense to mine cryptocurrency by connecting to an outlet at a Tesla station. As you know, the company offers its customers free electric car recharging at branded charging stations.

But it turned out that the joke of one person is not at all a joke for another. Another motorist answered him by posting a photo of his mining mini-farm in the trunk of a car.


Judging by the photo, the user actually doesn’t mine bitcoins, because there are no specialized ASIC cards here. Instead, we see four motherboards and four power supplies. Each motherboard has several GPU connectors - they are connected with blue cables. Apparently, four graphic cards are connected to each motherboard. All motherboards are mounted on sheets of plywood.

There are no graphic accelerators directly on the photo, so the question remains whether the user really mines something in this design or collected it for a joke. But if he does mine, then we can assume that this may be ether.

Some experts question the feasibility of such a miner installation. First, if you leave it to mine for the night, then by the morning there will be an incredible temperature in the trunk, and no cooling systems are shown here. In addition, as seen in the photo, the GPU is not fixed at all, that is, the expensive equipment will hang in the trunk on the go.

But if this guy really mines the ether, then you can calculate his income on the Cryptocompare calculator . If we take the average GPU at 20 megaheshey / s, then its “farm” produces 320 megaheshey / s. Accordingly, it will average approximately 0.05 ETH per day or 1.5 ETH per month. At the current rate, it will be about $ 675 per month, which roughly corresponds to the monthly payment when buying a Tesla car . Well, that is, a guy can take a car on lease and get it as a result almost for free, and if the Etherium course still grows, it will remain at all with a profit.

By the way, it is not by chance that Tesla recently set a maximum limit of 400 kWh for free electricity for new customers. Probably, they guessed that this could happen. Not for nothing is someone hinting that Ilon Musk may be hiding behind Satoshi Nakamoto's personality (Mask had to refute these rumors yesterday).


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