The humanoid robot running Alexa for $ 800 was not the size of a man. It's a pity…

Chinese robotic company Ubtech launched the Lynx, the first humanoid robot integrated with Amazon from Amazon.

He can do everything that Alexa can do, for example, set notifications or play music, and also has several new features.

For example, in Surveillance mode, he can record a 30-second video and send it to the app in your smartphone, if he noticed a suspicious sound or movement (using an infrared sensor on his chest).

In Avatar mode, it allows you to watch and speak through the microphone and camera of the robot in such a way that you yourself become a robot. Cost $ 800.

I was very disappointed when I discovered that the Lynx is only 50 centimeters in size.
I hoped that she (judging by the instructions, this female robot) would be a man-sized robot and would walk and talk with me, follow me and remember the names of the products that should be bought in the store.

Lynx can also sing, dance and be a yoga teacher, which is rather strange for choosing robot skills. What can a robot know about joint pain?

And let's talk about Avatar mode. Imagine this robot standing on a table in a meeting room. Imagine that this is your boss, which you agreed to meet on Skype.

Those. this robot is about the size of a cat - and your boss is there and you need to look and talk to him.

If this is normal for you and the price of $ 800 for a robot boss is right for you, then right now it is only available on Amazon.

But nevertheless, this is the very first humanoid robot with integration with Alexa, which means there will be many more improvements.

Ubtech also launches a Star Wars robot for Christmas and is even better for integration with Alex, so maybe they will be a pair.


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