Amazon introduced a platform for 3D, VR and AR development

We have already dedicated Amazon to the blog materials of our payment blockchain service, Wirex . In this article, we publish the release of the Amazon Sumerian platform for creating 3D spaces for VR and AR. This solution is another element of the Amazon ecommerce ecosystem, which may create the basis for the development of VR and AR-based consumer experience.

Futuristic technologies from Star Wars and Star Trek are gradually becoming a reality. Amazon Sumerian platform will allow you to create your own three-dimensional virtual reality and augmented reality characters or to reproduce already existing images.

With the help of "Sumer", the user can create cross-platform worlds for Oculus, HTC Vive, iOS devices with WebVR browsers, and also soon after the appearance of support, and on Android with ARCore.

The list of functions of the platform includes:

Since Sumerian does not require experience with 3D or programming to create deeply developed interactive VR and AR-scenes, we can enter the control panel and check how everything is arranged.

A scene can be created by pressing one simple button.

As a result, a new scene opens in the editor, and you can immediately begin importing new resources.

Click on the Import Asset button, select the Room resource and click Add to import.

Fine. The resource was successfully imported into the Sumerian editor and displayed in the corresponding panel on the left. Now you can drag the room object from the panel into the editor window, thereby adding it to the scene.

You can do the same with the Mannequin object and add it to the room.

In addition, "Sumer" allows you to add scripts to entities and objects to make the scene more active. You can use as a blank scripts, and create your own. By choosing to write your own script, we get a clean page with a small amount of JavaScript code. It looks like this:

Js code
'use strict'; /* global sumerian */ //    var setup = function (args, ctx) { //      play. }; var fixedUpdate = function (args, ctx) { //     ,  setup(). }; var update = function (args, ctx) { //     ,  setup(). }; var lateUpdate = function (args, ctx) { //   ,     update-   }; var cleanup = function (args, ctx) { //     play . }; var parameters = []; 

So the user can create a simple three-dimensional scene using Amazon Sumerian in just a few minutes, getting acquainted with the most basic features of the editor.

Amazon Sumerian is a simple service for building, building, and launching VR, AR, and 3D applications. This creative tool does not require knowledge in the field of three-dimensional graphics or programming and allows you to import FBX, OBJ and Unity-objects, as well as upload your own 3D-resources for later use in scenes. In addition, the user can create digital characters with a unique appearance, and voice accompaniment with the choice of the desired language.

To get started with Amazon Sumerian, you must register . Useful information for beginners is available in this guide .



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