How to plan the perfect work day depending on how you sleep

According to the expert-somnolog Michael Bruce, having understood his type of sleep, you can maximize the efficiency of working time.

There is a possibility that you will not start your working day without drinking a cup (or several cups) of coffee.

But, from the point of view of Michael Bruce [Michael Breus], ​​a somnologist with a professional certificate, the author of the book The Power of When, exactly when you need coffee depends on the type of sleep you have.

Bruce discovered that by the way people fall asleep and wake up, they can be divided into four types. He assigned them conditional names in honor of animals: bears, lions, wolves and dolphins. Each of them stands for "chronotype", describing the sleep patterns and energy distribution that are natural for your body. If you treat bears, then you don’t need to behave like a wolf, Bruce says, as a result of which it will be easier for you to wake up, you will be less nodding after dinner, and your working days will become more productive.

Using your sleep mode for work time planning

Bruce believes that your chronotype can help you take advantage of the natural energy flow of your body. This is how a perfect working day for bears, lions, wolves and dolphins might look.

Bears include 50-55% of people. “This group is tuned for results,” says Bruce. “They have a normal sleep schedule, but they may not have enough sleep.”

Morning: 7: 00-11: 00

Maximum performance: 11: 00-18: 00

After work: 18: 00-22: 00

The end of the day: 22: 00-23: 00

Lions “wake up without an alarm before it rises,” explains Bruce. Lions, as individuals of type “A” , usually “send emails even before most people wake up” and make up about 15% of the population.

Morning: 5: 30-10: 00

Maximum performance: 10: 00-17: 00

After work: 17: 00-21: 30

End of day: 21: 30-22: 30

Wolves represent 15–20% of the population, says Bruce. “They hate the morning and usually pause the alarm clock several times. They are late for work, and by 9 am they drink three cups of coffee. ” Wolves lean on caffeine in the morning to “overcome their wolfish inclination,” explains Bruce.

Morning: 7: 30-12: 00

Maximum performance: 12: 00-20: 00

After work: 20: 00-23: 00

The end of the day: 22: 00-0: 00

Dolphins are “nervous people with irregular sleep,” according to Bruce, who estimates their number at 10% of the population. “They often think that they suffer from insomnia and send emails all night.”

Morning: 6: 00-10: 00

Maximum performance: 10: 00-18: 00

After work: 18: 00-22: 00

The end of the day: 22: 00-0: 00


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