What professions created artificial intelligence

Increased productivity or the destruction of entire industries? Assumptions about the impact of artificial intelligence on the economy are completely opposite. But honestly, no one knows exactly how the intervention of autonomous software that is capable of making decisions will affect our world.

However, there are reasons for moderate optimism: new posts are already being created thanks to AI boom, as the Glassdoor study shows . More about his main conclusions - under the cut.

Some of the vacancies that appeared are quite obvious, such as AI system developers, researchers, and managers of such projects. The most popular position associated with AI is a software engineer. This vacancy accounts for 11% of job listings posted on the Glassdoor website.

However, some of the new professions are less technical and more indirectly related to AI. So, Glassdoor notes the need for copywriters, who will prescribe chat chat dialogs. Emerging markets such as the production of smart voice assistants generate demand for a new kind of UX designers. There is a need for lawyers specializing in varieties of intellectual property - which is relevant for news written by artificial intelligence for magazines and newspapers.

Top 15 jobs in the field of AI in the US
AI ProfessionNumber of vacancies on GlassdoorVacancy rate on Glassdoor,%
Software engineer56eleven
Data Specialist23four
Software Engineer21four
Product Manager92
Technical Program Manager92
Business Development Manager7one
Software architect7one
Training and Development Specialist6one
Research engineer6one
Research team member6one
Technical Commerce Specialistfiveone
Backend developerfourone
Computer scientistfourone
Financial Services Specialistfourone

Source: Glassdoor Economic Research. Data for October 2017.

Unusual jobs in the field of AI

In addition to the 15 most common vacancies listed above, there are other, much less obvious ones. Here are some examples:

Thus, the AI, although it makes some professions obsolete due to the automation of processes, simultaneously creates new vacancies. This situation is a classic example of what economists sometimes call " creative destruction ."

Top 15 employers employing talents in the field of AI and deep learning in the US
EmployerNumber of vacancies on GlassdoorThe proportion of vacancies on Glassdoor,%
MoTek ‚Äč‚ÄčTechnologieseight2
PCO Innovation6one
Rakuten marketing6one
Wells fargo6one

Source: Glassdoor Economic Research. Current vacancies on Glassdoor containing the terms "artificial intelligence" or "deep learning" on October 20, 2017.

In addition, experts in the field of artificial intelligence are looking for:

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