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Hello! Today we talk about the use of augmented reality in the industry, on the example of using Microsoft Hololens by NEOLANT .

About consumer

The NEOLANT group of companies is one of the largest Russian IT-engineering companies that implements projects of nuclear, oil and gas, defense, micro and radio electronics enterprises and other industries at all stages of the life cycle: design, construction / reconstruction, operation and decommissioning.

The main activities of NEOLANT JSC are the development and implementation of GIS , CAD / PDM , CAD , PLM systems, digital engineering, development of state and corporate information systems, information and simulation modeling of territories and enterprises.

Applied software

Most projects for Customers are performed by NEOLANT on domestic solutions of its own design: POLINOM, NEOSYNTEZ, InterBridge, SOMOKS.SMR, SPLIT, IAS Gorizont and others. The company applies advanced information technology engineering data management. The experience of creating life cycle support systems and applying multidimensional information modeling is given by the specialists of NEOLANT JSC to their colleagues at the IAEA, participating in the development of relevant international standards and recommendations.

Companies whose management wants to use a virtual rather than augmented reality in their activities can take advantage of an alternative - the development of VR Concept . VR Concept is a tool for creating virtual prototypes and working with them at all stages, from design to presentation of the finished product.

Microsoft hololens


How to use

Augmented reality is a dynamically developing and actively implemented technology in real business processes. “NEOLANT” was among the first to test the Hololens technology in practice in order to understand what features the gadget has and what improvements it requires to solve applied problems in the industrial sector.

NEOLANT JSC uses AR at large industrial facilities, during their construction, reconstruction and operation, for visualization and use of the information model.

“The use of augmented reality glasses at their facility is interesting to many customers, but few understand how to use this technology correctly. The task of our company is to offer functionality and show how to use equipment and technology in order to justify the investment budget. All projects that are being created or will be created in the next few years are investments in new solutions and research work. We offer customers the most effective solutions based on augmented reality technologies. ”

- says Nikolay Salnikov, Deputy Director of the Engineering models Division of NEOLANT JSC.

As it was done before

Before the advent of AR-glasses, the company used conventional PC and augmented reality technology based on software for smartphones.

Examples of using

Illustrative examples of using Microsoft Hololens by NEOLANT:

With the help of augmented reality and Microsoft Hololens glasses, it is possible in the form of a hologram to look at the 3D model of the Volzhskaya HPP integrated with the engineering data management system (SUID) NEOSYNTEZ developed by JSC NEOLANT for JSC Institute Hydroproject (PJSC RusHydro).

During the modernization and reconstruction of the metro station Pyatnitskoe Highway, the technology of augmented reality was implemented to evaluate design solutions directly at the site. With the help of glasses Microsoft Hololens specialist placed the virtual elements of equipment and interior in the lobby of the metro station. Further, these data were transferred to the design environment of Autodesk Revit for design drawings.

The possibilities of using Microsoft Hololens are perfectly demonstrated by the concept of using AR from NEOLANT JSC for the Kazan Helicopter Plant. The specialists of NEOLANT developed an information model of the presented KVZ equipment and loaded it into augmented reality glasses.

Experts do not need to be present at the site in order to view and evaluate the equipment. Augmented reality glasses can be used for marketing purposes and presentations.

In addition to presentation purposes, NEOLANT JSC developed the concept of using Microsoft Hololens for production at the Kazan Helicopter Plant.

When assembling, conducting a technical inspection or repair of helicopter technology, a specialist can invoke animated instructions or hints in the form of manuals or documentation with characteristics of specific parts or actions during assembly. The displayed instructions can be audio or animated prompts and video instructions, which in AR-glasses are projected onto real objects in real time. Calling reference information is possible with the help of voice commands and gestures. AR-glasses are able to increase the visual field of view of KHP specialists and expand their capabilities.

For warehouse workers, the system loaded into AR-glasses is able to scan components marked with QR codes and display information on the points screen - a list of required products, their number, condition of components and notes, as well as the location in the warehouse, which is “highlighted” on interactive warehouse map and indicated by virtual pointers.

Everything happens instantly, at the level of intuition and fingers: zoom in / out - select an element on a 3D model - look through the information.


The use of augmented reality glasses Microsoft Hololens gives customers savings in working time, increased productivity and reduced financial costs.

This is due to the automation of the search and assembly of parts and tools, the process of assembling equipment. Result: reduction of production time, detailed and operational study of the technical and operational characteristics of the device equipment, increased stability and safety of operation, by reducing the number of errors.

Advantages and disadvantages

Having tested Microsoft Hololens, NEOLANT has identified a number of advantages and disadvantages of using the device in the industrial sector:




NEOLANT develops additions for glasses in order to adapt their work to the tasks of large industrial enterprises, such as collective work on one project at the same time. The group interaction mode allows employees using glasses to simultaneously see the same hologram of an object and work with it alternately. Also, the company is developing a fast converter for linking glasses with various equipment data systems - equipment lists, parameters, design and operational documents, as well as seamless integration with CAD, CAM and CAM systems.


Despite the existing shortcomings, there is no alternative to Microsoft Hololens glasses for large industrial objects. There are other manufacturers who claim the capabilities of their equipment are suitable for visualization and work at large industrial enterprises, but their proposals relate more to the technology of virtual rather than augmented reality.

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