AI startups. Part 1: Fast File Access, Career Optimization, Social Interactions

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In the well-known list of companies belonging to the artificial intelligence industry, there is no information about how startups live, how they attract investors and customers, whether there is a service at all or is frozen at the concept stage. It turned out that the magic words "AI", "Bigdat" and "blockchain" in the project description do not guarantee its viability.

If we eliminate alpha versions, concepts, mothballed and absorbed projects, remove well-known developments, such as IBM Watson or CaptionBot Microsoft, then there will be not so many companies. But it is the remaining ones that form the trends and show where the whole branch of commercial use of weak AI is heading.

A description of start-ups - living and promising - will help you better navigate the fast-growing market of smart solutions in various segments.

Data management for personal use

UnifyID. User identification system

Security systems based on the use of passwords alone, experts often consider very vulnerable. Therefore, the standard password is often supplemented by two-factor authentication, but even in this case, there is still some kind of character password.

UnifyID offered to use hidden authentication based on the use of multiple user data: a set of devices, visited places, typing style, used touch sensors, etc. Collecting various information, the service makes a unique portrait of each user.

The client does not need to memorize or write down a complex password somewhere. He enters the site and automatically enters his account, because the system has tracked all his actions and compared with the information that she managed to collect earlier. If the service has any doubts about the identity of the user, he may proceed to the classical protection algorithm — for example, require biometric identification (Touch ID).

ETCH. Contact Management Automation

In modern life, we meet a lot of people, to remember all the interactions with which is simply impossible. We communicate with someone every day, we see someone once a month, and hundreds may not cross the borders of social networks. Contacts are stored on the phone, in email, in applications and instant messengers. Communication stories are placed in the calendar, mail, sms and chat rooms, phone calls, etc.

Startup Etch offers to automate contact management, minimizing manual data entry. Things like manual importing and merging duplicate contacts from different sources or the need to record every interaction with each contact must be eliminated. Redundant work can be automated, and contact data can be stored in a centralized address book.

Etch imports and removes duplicate contacts from several sources, including the smartphone's notebook and email accounts, automatically creates a centralized profile for all contacts, where you can track updates on the social networks of contacts and their past interactions with you (for example, via emails, meetings). and meeting notes).

Etch puts all the data in a single database with integrated intelligent contact search. For example, if you are looking for a designer's UI / UX, Etch will check all your friends, social networks and interaction history.

Findo. Smart search in files, contacts, mail

ABBYY founder David Yang influenced the creation of a variety of products. Findo is one of Jan’s startups that is related to AI. The system searches for personal documents, files, contacts, applications in mail, instant messengers, cloud storages, in project management and note storage services, etc.

The basis of Findo technology is Compreno, which invested more than 70 million dollars. ABBYY Compreno accumulates knowledge about events, projects and other ontological entities and attributes, self-learning and improving the quality of search. In fact, this means that all the contents of your mailboxes and other services will be in the same organized and indexed database. Requests to the database can be sent in natural language.

Notion. Automation of work with a large number of incoming messages

Notion system aims to reduce the overload of your mailbox. The problem is urgent - up to a quarter of a day an office employee spends on work with mail. The service learns how the user works with his mail, and helps to focus only on the most important messages.

Notion can automatically mark important messages and send notifications about their appearance. It automatically groups emails according to importance, and also monitors questions from important contacts, allowing the user to see which recipients are waiting for an answer and for how long. It can even track how long a user has been waiting for messages from other people.

Users can work with Notion through Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant, literally controlling the work with mail using voice. Alexa reads out loud important emails, letters awaiting a response, as well as a history of communication with the addressee.

Neural Netion analyzes the history of relationships with each recipient in the mail - based on the data, the service determines which letters can be considered important. The authors of the service claim that Notion works with 95% accuracy, determining which letters you most likely want to delete from your mail.

The application also finds out from the letter what it is asking about, and shows the generated request instead of the standard preview. Widget that collects information about the contacts in your mail

The project from the creators of Eloqua (which has become a part of Oracle for $ 957 million) is a communication platform that integrates mail, calendar and phone calls. Nudge can be considered an "intelligent CRM-system." Nudge finds the latest information about the recipients and companies with whom you have contacted, and displays them right inside your mailbox.

Nudge is looking for information on the Internet and social networks to learn more about your customers. It filters this information, choosing only the most interesting from the point of view of commerce: information about purchases and sales, investments, changes in management, etc. The longer Nudge is used, the better the AI ​​will know about your preferences in communicating with clients, and the more it will understand the recommendations.

Companies such as Adobe Systems, HP, SAS Institute and Shopify have already joined the service.

Career Management

Leap. Automate the job search process

Leap guarantees technology workers that they will be invited for an interview at a "dream company."

Most HR specialists view an infinite number of resumes in manual mode. Leap believes that there is a more effective way to match a person’s skills and experience with the requirements and corporate culture of potential employers.

The startup collects data on employment history, qualifications, skills, hobbies, and many other things in order to have a more complete picture of the candidate’s career aspirations. Part of this process includes the definition of the “dream employer”. Users register on or in the app, and then describe in detail their strengths, personal values ​​and work preferences. The algorithm then matches the candidate's profile with the criteria for hiring the company. After the comparison, notifies the applicant of potential opportunities and sends the application to the employer. also offers personalized suggestions for where candidates will be especially welcome. Using its own service, the company hired more than half of its employees.

Newton. Search for “dream job”

Job search can take a long time. Newton solves this problem by compiling job offers from the entire network and filtering vacancies according to user requirements. The priority of the service is to find ideal career opportunities for candidates.

Interacting with Newton is very simple - just send a message to the chat bot. The bot will ask questions to accurately understand what kind of work you want. After receiving all the necessary information, the bot will independently begin to view open vacancies on the network. The service is already used by companies such as eBay, Airbnb, Intel, Netflix and Twitter.

Wade & Wendy. Bot consultant for job seekers and employers

Chat bot Wade unites job seekers and recruitment managers, assisting the applicant and advising him in the job search process. Wendy is a bot recruiter who can hire whole teams. Wendy can talk to the candidate himself, allowing him to communicate outside of the standard resume. Wendy transmits to the managers information about candidates in the most structured way so that they, in turn, can make faster and better decisions.

Most chat bots in the recruiting market do not go beyond the standard approach, focusing on low-skilled vacancies. Wade & Wendy, on the contrary, strive for thoughtful dialogues that will reduce the hiring process from weeks or months to several days.

Social Validation Management Search for people like celebrities

Dating allows you to do the impossible: meet your favorite celebrities ... In fact, no, but close to it. You can upload a photo of a celebrity or any other photo in the application, and Dating will show people who most closely resemble the person from the selected photo. And the people found themselves are in search of new acquaintances.

The application shows people from different services - Tinder, Bumble, Match and others. You can quickly find someone like Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Chris Hemsworth or Channing Tatum. Many users are also looking for people who look like themselves, but of the opposite sex. Evaluation of attractiveness

A neural network can not only recognize a face, but also determine how attractive you look. The algorithm is based on a database based on the responses of several thousand people who evaluated the appearance of other people in the application.

Hotness uses the API of one of the most accurate face recognition services in the world, the algorithm of which was developed by However, the idea is not unique. appeared earlier, and before it, Memory location

Capsule is an iOS app that helps you keep track of your movements around the city and link the places you were to with your photos. If you took a lot of pictures in a bar, and in the morning you don’t remember exactly where they were walking - Capsule will provide all the necessary information. The application also remembers the time when you leave the office, and the number of places you visit in the evenings.

PS We often write about new AI startups. The last time they were told how the AI ​​makes a secret revolution in medicine , and also regularly publish a selection of the “ startup of the day ” in which the AI ​​is a frequent guest.

PPS Here, earlier and further, AI means neural networks, machine vision and processing technology, structuring and ranking natural language, etc., which refers to the concept of “weak AI”.


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