Cryptocurrency exchange B2BX - ICO passed. What's next?


B2BX is the first exchange-aggregator of cryptocurrency liquidity, which allows carrying out operations of margin and stock trading with the provision of liquidity distribution to brokerage firms. Now such a service is in demand, since there are more and more people who want to trade cryptocurrencies, but there are almost no countries where it is officially allowed (meaning just margin and stock trading, not exchange). B2BX, as already mentioned, solves all these problems, enabling Forex / DMA and stock brokers to provide their clients with a cryptocurrency trading service.

Two weeks ago, the ICO project was completed, with which funds were raised for further development. It is possible to judge how positively the participants of the tokensail perceived the idea of ​​B2BX at least by the fact that the softcap was closed in the first week - in just seven days, the organizers of the primary tokens placement collected € 5 million.

In general, € 8,094,402.60 from 3,743 participants were raised for the B2BX implementation. And despite the fact that about 800 projects a week now enter the market at the same time.

Why was the ICO conducted at all? The fact is that the opening of the exchange is a costly business, significant financial resources are needed, which it was decided to attract with the help of ICO. The main item of expenditure is preparation for the launch of the exchange and the creation of a legal framework. Without this, work will be impossible.

After all the necessary documents have been received, the clients of the exchange will be able to work without any problems both with stock exchange and with marginal liquidity. In the first case, the implementation will be based on the Japanese license. In the second, we need other types of licenses: CySec , ASIC , FCA . Get them very difficult, but it is possible.

Licenses are planned to be obtained not in one, but in several jurisdictions at once. This is necessary in order for the project to work in large local markets, and its field operations are coordinated with the requirements of all regulators, that is, fully comply with the conditions of local legislation. B2BX decided to fulfill all the requirements of regulators, which are increasingly paying attention to the cryptocurrency market. Obtaining licenses will allow providing services to institutional clients without any problems.

Funds are also needed to prepare all the technical aspects of the platform in a relatively tight time. So, it is necessary to expand the team of specialized specialists. To accomplish all this, you need to work with various software platforms, to be able to connect the best contractors and other participants to the exchange.

Naturally, the exchange should work constantly, without failures, be fault tolerant and stable. The attention of the support team is required not only by the platform itself, but also by a crypto-currency broker, exchanger, forex broker, DMA-liquidity, personal account, PAMM / MAM / copyist.


Will tokens grow?

Yes, the team tried to do everything to increase the rate of B2BX tokens. In total, there are seven basic steps to maintain its value:

In addition, token value was audited to increase its attractiveness in the eyes of investors. The company decided to introduce payment for B2BX platform fees exclusively in its own tokens, starting as early as next year. Thus, the more participants will be at the site, the higher will be the trading volumes and amounts of the paid commission. On it, participants will buy tokens on the market, creating organic demand for B2BX tokens.

Where can I get a B2BX token? Currently tokens are available here:

In the future, the list of exchanges and exchangers will be expanded to simplify the process of buying a token.


The project is being systematized, and negotiations are underway with new sites. In the latter case, a couple of calls do not solve anything - you need a systematic and long-term cooperation. In addition, work is already underway to find the necessary personnel for the company, to obtain licenses declared for WhitePaper and to rent offices. First of all, documents are prepared for obtaining a license for EMI crypto-processing.

In general, there is still a lot of work to be done, but there are already the necessary funds for the implementation of our plans. It is planned to attract even more specialists to the team so that the work is performed not only on time but also ahead of schedule.


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