The second life of old monitors

Hey. I told friends here how I made a monoblock from an old monitor and laptop, or a TV, and it seemed that for some it seems like something very complicated. I decided to tell a little.

Finally I bought a TV as a monitor 32 ", and a 24" monitor was released, and what to do with it?) And then I needed a TV in the kitchen, in general we don’t watch TV, so everyone gave out or threw it out, but then my wife wanted.

I have internet at home, and adding a TV set-top box is not a problem, I sent a request and wait for the courier, he will set everything up. The main thing that the monitor supports HDCP. Connected through the cable adapter HDMI-DVI. But there was no sound in my monitor, I just cut 2 holes in the back, and glued the front of the USB speakers for 200 rubles to the glue.

All the noise from the speakers (amplifier with regulator) was glued inside, the volume was set to the maximum necessary, anyway, the TV set-top box controls the volume from the console.
Initially, I had one operator, then I changed it because of its greed, and now it is almost 3 times cheaper.

So, you need to give a signal to the speakers, and here it depends on the set-top box, in one I had a tulip mom right on the case, and in the other the usual Jack3.5 with an adapter cable to a tulip dad. I plug a mom tulip into the TV near the connectors and soldered everything. To power the amplifier, I took the charger from the phone, and just soldered inside to the power board where 220V is supplied.


I also had an old laptop for a long time lying around without a screen, and an old 19 inch monitor. They probably were dusting on the closet of the year 4. I wanted to make a candy bar, and initially just attach one to the other and some kind of casing, but I disassembled everything and tried to combine them in one case. I thought the power supply does not fit, but everything turned out.

Since I didn’t really feel sorry if I couldn’t stick a sheet of substrate for the laminate to the glue on the base of the matrix, and connected all the details to it as it was in the monitor, and the laptop just needed a VGA cable, but it didn’t fit because of the large connector , disassembled it, cut off the excess and soldered the screen directly to the connector of the laptop. And the sound. This monitor was with speakers, that's why I used them, I also stuck it in a free space and connected the sound with a cable, took the old AUX out of the car.

The USB was inconveniently located, just stuck a USB hub and pasted on the bottom.

The case had to cut a large hole, where the connectors fit, the case did not allow something to be installed in that place, as well as for an 80mm fan. From the laptop charger through the pulse stabilizer powered fan. Since everything is heated inside, as well as everything on hot melt without cooling is impossible.

Yes, and even brought the power button on the bottom of the laptop, built up the wires and glued.
The standard cable was not very convenient, so I just took the plug with the wire and soldered directly to the power connector.

Maybe someone also wants to repeat)


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