In Russia, the activity of an illegal mobile operator has been stopped

Yesterday it became known that the Ministry of Internal Affairs stopped the activity of an illegal mobile operator in Russia. Both good citizens and telephone terrorists used its services. Recently, intruders have intensified and actively began sending out deliberately false messages about the mining of various objects, the Interior Ministry said.

“The activities of one of the largest illegal operators, which provided illegal long-distance international telephone communication services, were stopped. For several years, the attackers acted on the territory of the Moscow region, as well as Yaroslavl, Kaluzhanka regions and the Krasnodar and Altai Territory, providing their clients, individuals and legal entities with international and long-distance services without registering as a business entity, without a license to provide of these services, ”said Wolf.

The representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs also said that the caller ID was replaced by one of the subscriber numbers of the attackers. This contributed to the use of this service in the commission of various kinds of illegal actions, including deliberately false reports about the facts of terrorism.

The attackers in question are already detained and testify. A criminal case has been filed against them. During searches conducted in six regions of the Russian Federation, 41 cellular gateways, more than 2 thousand SIM-cards of different operators, computer equipment, information carriers and means of communication were seized.


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