Roller for the back

Hey. The hero will be this roller:

Indications: Needed when the loins are tired and aching. I use periodically probably about a year.

Manufacture: Need insulation / insulation for pipes. Specifically, I have approximately 60x12 1 meter. I bought and probably did a year ago, I don’t know whether the dimensions have changed over the year. This is the size of the fact. Cut into 2 pieces 40 and 60 cm.

60cm piece is cut lengthwise and folded. It needs to be put inside the first piece. But it is not easy. I did this: rolled up and wrapped with adhesive tape. Then he glued the tape along this sausage, these are handles. Hold the first piece and push through / pull the second piece of tape. The edges will not be very beautiful, just cut off the excess.

Application: Lie on your back on a fairly hard surface, for example, I have a sofa hard enough, and put it under your lower back. Where exactly: you yourself feel where it is more comfortable. It may be painful at first (I've had it several times), but I have to endure. Suffer a few minutes and you will not regret.

I do not know whether you can sleep with this thing or not, I personally do not sleep. The cost of insulation 20-50 rubles in many hardware stores, the time spent about 20 minutes, and fun.

I ask those who want to just write something: try again.

1. It’s better to remove it somewhere, cats love to spoil it, I think dogs also.
2. Googling I assume that the initial size of the insulation was 60x15 (60 mm diameter, 15 mm wall thickness). If there is no such one, you can even 60x10, but you can buy a couple of meters and get the required amount, the roller should not wrinkle.
3. Sorry if I violated the rules, I do not know whether it is possible to spread this, all the same, not electronics.

I can not understand. Really effective thing with periodic back fatigue. It is worth a penny and do not last long. What kind of contingent is this (or just such people wrote), has no one ever had a backache? Or do you just need news about new technologies?


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