And what if we live in the future and the past at the same time? And what is our universe?

What is discussed in this article does not pretend to the truth and is only a figment of the author’s imagination, that is, of my imagination.

One summer evening, sitting at home and drinking coffee, I suddenly thought about the essence of our existence. Why are we used to think that we know some information about time, about the world, about the cosmos and about the universe? Suddenly, all the knowledge that we operate is not 100% reliable?

Hypothesis of the universe inside the universe

Suppose that our universe is not infinite and has its limitations, in turn being a grain in a larger universe. If you look beyond our borders, visible from the point of view of us, people, we will fall into another universe, the very largest, which includes ours.

In turn, that other universe, which includes ours, like a grain of sand, is also a grain of sand in the third universe. And there may be a multitude of such universes, an infinite count.

But we will imagine that there are only three of them. In order to understand this hypothesis, this will be quite enough. Total we have: Small - our, Large and Huge. Small universe is part of the Large, and Large, in turn, in the composition of the Huge. It would seem that everything seems logical and to continue does not make sense, but ...

The huge universe, no matter how strange it may sound, is part of our Little Universe, also as a grain of sand. It turns out a kind of closed loop. Where each universe is part of a larger one, but the largest is the smallest one. Paradox. But still - it is possible.

If this is true, then the question arises: where did they come from, and which of them was the first.

The second hypothesis: We have generated ourselves

Suppose this scenario.

  1. Small universe, We, the Creator created us, an unknown creature that we have never seen and will hardly see.
  2. We may, in the distant future, get the technology to create new worlds, and possibly galaxies, and even universes. Technology does not stand still, now we are creating virtual worlds, expanding the boundaries of the possible.
  3. These worlds will also evolve, evolve. And for them already, We will be the same creator. We will be able to observe our creation, but it will not know about us.
  4. In turn, these worlds will also have the opportunity to create new worlds and universes. And just as we will become Creators.
  5. One of these worlds, in the distant future, having the opportunity to create a new universe, created our world, but in the past. Our universe, if I may say so.
    The big bang of the past provoked from the future, thereby triggering the cycle of the universe inside the universe.

These two hypotheses are related to the fact that a small universe is part of a large one that created it, a large one into a huge one, which created it, but no matter how stupid and paradoxical it might sound, we created a huge universe. Not now and not in the past, but in the future, by launching a cycle of universes. That is, we have created ourselves without even knowing it.

Thus, it can be assumed that there is no point of reference. At least, in this form as we believed. Because, as only people are accustomed to feel the time as the past, present and future. But that if time has no form, it always exists.

Past, present and future exist in a single moment, having only one form of existence.

On this basis, it can be assumed that this hypothesis takes place, and the cycle repeats itself not after some time, but at the same moment, launching itself again and again. Without having neither a beginning nor an end, but having only now, which has not begun and will not end, but exists.


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