Anonymous bitcoin millionaire gives away $ 86 million to charity

The bitcoin course almost vertically rushed up - and some suddenly rich geeks faced a problem: what to do with easy money? The number of bitcoin billionaires can exceed 200 people . Quite possibly, they are in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. But the majority of wealthy computer scientists prefer to hide their achievements and do not report them on the forums, and the majority of the first enthusiasts have already sold their bitcoins long ago.

“If there is enough money, then they don’t matter anymore”: under this motto, an anonymous bitcoin millionaire founded the Pineapple Fund charity foundation (the bitcoin address is 3P3QsMVK89JBNqZQv5zMAKG8FK3kJM4rjt ) and started sending out a million dollars in bitcoins to those organizations who wanted to be asked, we wanted to be asked, we wanted to be asked, we wanted to be asked, we wanted to be asked, we would need to be a million, The money is offered to eight charitable organizations. Out of 5057 BTC, it remains to distribute another 4830 BTC.

It's like in a casino: if someone won a huge jackpot, then it’s quite normal to share wealth with others: a waitress, a dealer, etc. In this case, the millionaire made a more rational decision - and chose charitable organizations, which he donated part of his suddenly appeared state.

Funds were sent to eight organizations. Six of them received (or will receive, because not everyone has paid until the end) $ 1 million. This is the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Watsi crowdfunding health care program , The Water Project for providing clean water to people in arid countries people using psychedelic drugs MAPS , a project to finance research to combat aging and extend the life of the SENS Research Foundation and another project to provide clean water to the people of the third world. Charity: Water .

The BitGive blockchain charity platform will receive $ 500 thousand, and another organization will receive only $ 50 thousand. In a sense, the free OpenBSD project has been left out.

Anonymous Bitcoin Millionaire Foundation invites organizations in the world in need to report about themselves. If they do something useful, they will receive funding. Those who wish to apply can fill out a form on the site (individuals are not allowed, only organizations and not necessarily charitable).

In the FAQ section of the website, the founder of the Pineapple Fund explains the reasons for his actions: “Sometime in the first days of Bitcoin, I saw the prospects for decentralized money and decided to mine, buy and trade these magic Internet tokens.” As a result, the value of the coins of the enthusiast has reached the amount "much more than I can spend."

At the moment, the Pineapple Fund address is among the richest 250 addresses among all Bitcoin users, and the value of the coins in it exceeds the capitalization of all Bitcoins in the market at the time when the creator of the fund first started mining Bitcoins.

What will you do if you have more money than you can spend? You may donate most of this amount to charity, as an anonymous Bitcoin millionaire did. He says that he sent the bulk of his funds to the Pineapple Fund and does not intend to disclose his identity, since this was never the goal of creating a charitable foundation.

In this story, it is interesting that all official organizations agreed to accept Bitcoins on their own account and, probably, reflect the fact of donations in their financial statements. That is, cryptocurrency becomes quite the official form of payment. At least, if the sender and the recipient agree on this.

For example, a spokesman for the Electronic Frontier Foundation said that two transactions actually reached them, indicated on the official Pineapple Fund website. He confirmed that the EFF is in contact with the Pineapple Fund and is continuing the money transfer process.

Curiously, in the light of the growing rate of Bitcoin, will charities prefer to save donations and not change them to Fiat - or will they immediately be thrown into the market? But even if everyone chooses the second option and immediately throws 5057 BTC on the market, this is unlikely to significantly shake the course, because the volume of the market and daily trading exceeds orders by several orders of magnitude. These bitcoins will buy in just a few seconds - no one will notice.


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