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Hello. Just the other day, a new product from Wanhao, Duplicator I3 mini, came to us. Testing printing is in full swing, but for now we will tell you about the technical features of this machine.

The Chinese company Wanhao today is the world leader in the production of desktop 3D-printers, working on FDM technology. The goal of Wanhao is to create budget 3D printers that are accessible even to students. After all, only 5 years ago, the creators of the company themselves were students keen on 3D printing, and they perfectly understand the problem of finding a printer for little money.

I3 mini is not a mini-analog of the good old model I3, as many might think. The printer has a different kinematics, unheated platform, another area of ​​construction, the heating temperature. Although the characteristics of printing accuracy prescribed in the instructions, in general, are the same. But it would be better to find out empirically.

The cost of I3 mini is two times lower compared to the model I3, and is 12,500 rubles. This is the cheapest 3D printer from the Wanhao line.

The printer is compact, with an open platform and a tiny display. Weight is only 7 kg. Design I3 mini is very simple and concise, like all printers Wanhao.


In the instructions for the printer claimed print area 120 × 135 × 100 mm. But if you measure the print area by the extreme positions of the extruder, you get about 125 x 150 x 100mm.

The extruder has a maximum temperature of 240 degrees. But short-term heating to 260 is possible.



Printer mechanics are similar to Winbo Super Helper SH105 , which we described earlier . But there are some differences.

On the X axis, 2 shafts are used along which the carriage with an extruder on linear bearings “rolls”. Z axis is trapezoidal screw and guide shafts.

Instead of the usual for Wanhao "direct" feed (motor on the extruder) is "bowden" with the motor on the body. This will not allow printing with soft plastics and rubber, but significantly reduces the weight of the extruder.

Although the printer is not designed to print any other plastics, except for PLA.

The extruder has one fan for blowing the model and radiator. This may not be enough when printing small models.

The table without heating is calibrated by 4 points.

The printer is controlled with the help of a “twist” button with a small display which displays all the necessary information.

Internal electronics in the style of Wanhao. Their fee (presumably analogous to Mega 2560) and a simple power supply. It cools all a small fan.


As a slicer, traditionally used slightly processed CURA.

A ready profile for I3 mini was immediately added to CURA. If there are no profiles for I3 mini in Printers, go to the menu item “Printer” - “Add New Printer Wizard” and select I3 mini. After that, the profile will appear in the settings.

The finished profile is a huge plus for the novice user.


We have just started testing the Wanhao I3 mini and so far we can not share our print results. Below are photos of models printed on I3 mini from users of this printer.

Soon we will definitely show you our successes =)

Of course, it is quite difficult to judge the quality of the print by someone else’s printed models, not knowing the plastic used, the print settings. But for raw models, the result is quite satisfactory.

Wanhao Duplicator I3 mini, first of all, will interest beginner 3D makers. The printer comes fully assembled from the factory, to master the work on it is quite simple, there is a one-year warranty (as opposed to models for assembly). And the price for a ready-to-use printer is one of the cheapest on the 3D market.

Like all 3D printers, without a heated platform and printing PLA, I3 mini can be recommended for children and teenagers. Of course, the child should take his first steps in 3D printing in the presence of adults.

After testing the printer, we will definitely prepare a detailed review on print quality on the Wanhao I3 mini =)

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