Overview of a miniature 7 "GPD Pocket laptop. Workplace of a sysadmin / programmer in a jacket pocket

The company GPD - a startup that appeared on IndieGoGo, is famous for what makes miniature computers on Windows. The first device on which they collected money was GPD Win - a strange gaming device with a keyboard and joysticks (here I did a review on it ). Even then, in the comments, they spoke about GPD Pocket - a “pocket-sized” laptop for those who do not need joysticks. After some time, GPD Pocket raised money, and I ordered it from Gearbest. Let's take a look at it.


For a start, of course, look at the performance characteristics.
Screen: 7 ", 1920x1200 (FullHD +) (323 PPI, 16:10), Gorilla Glass 3
Processor: Intel Atom x7-Z8750 (1.6 GHz, 4 cores)
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 405 (200 MHz base, 600 MHz - burst)
RAM: 8 GB LPDDR3-1600
Built-in Flash: 128 GB eMMC Samsung DJNB4R
OS: Windows 10 Home 64 bit
Claimed working time: 8 hours of video playback, 12 hours of use
Wireless: Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, Bluetooth 4.1
Slots and connectors: 1 x USB Type-C, 1 x HDMI D, 1 x USB, 1 x jack 3.5mm
Sound: Realtek ALC5645
Sensors: Gravity, Hall
Dimensions and weight: 180 x 106 x18.5 mm, 0.503 kg
Battery: 3.8V / 7000 mAh
Price: Less than $ 500, current look here

Let's discuss these characteristics. Why are they sufficient, and why not? If you compare with any other "netbook" (or, as the Chinese say - ultrabook), then the bash comes out on the bash. Intel Atom Z8750 is a modern “atomic” processor with four cores, 8 gigabytes of memory (and this is really important - inside the netbooks there is usually a rather slow eMMC, so “there is not much memory”) the battery, there is a headphone jack, and, what's important, a full-sized USB. IMHO - great. Let's see how it is live.

Ergonomics and appearance

No doubt, the device looks very elegant. A kind of miniature aluminum bar. For some reason, the Chinese were the first to realize that we do not need all these logos on the back cover.

Below is also minimalism and beauty.

There is a speaker, loud enough to watch movies together. But if you decide to arrange a family viewing, then it is not enough.

The cover is mounted on ordinary screws, if necessary, it can be easily unscrewed, however, there is nothing interesting inside.

This is how the laptop looks like in the clear. The screen is just great - the image does not deteriorate at any angle!

On the keyboard is not enough letters. However, this will be a separate item.

But in general, in itself, it is very convenient.

Despite the fact that the screen is touch-sensitive, and theoretically it is possible to control the “mouse cursor” and from it, the keyboard has such a construction made from a miniature joystick and “mouse buttons”.

Closed behind any ports and connectors. The loop, by the way, is closed with a plastic cap - and all other parts are metal.

No ports or connectors are found on the left ...

But on the right is all the wealth! See, there is everything for life - normal USB, microHDMI, Type-C for recharging, headphone jack!

Overall, the device looks just fine, and as comfortable as it can be. True, there is one "but" ...


Perhaps this was my biggest disappointment from GPD Pocket. There is exactly one row less than necessary! Here is a look at the official image.

How did it happen? It is possible to cram all Russian letters correctly, but not without dancing with a tambourine. That is, "X", "b", "F", "E", "U" - all this has to endure. Well, I hung the “X” at the very place where the “Backspace” (and moved it to „Delete“), but the rest had to settle down. And this is sad. I remember these times ...


But now everything is different. But the guys from GPD did not think. And after all, most importantly, happiness was so close. However, everything is not as bad as it could be. Of course, you can get used to, and even print quickly enough.

Wearing comfort

When Sony presented the Vaio P, it was especially for her that the top was sewed with jackets with large pockets. Here the situation is similar - it is unlikely that the device will be carried in a jacket pocket.


Although, of course, the developers have done a lot of promotional photos, which tell how easy it is.


Of course, this is not true, in the pocket of your shirt, jeans, and so on - you will not push the device. But in a jacket, in an internal pocket, or, for example, in a pocket for skypas - yes, you can wear.

Performance tests

It was the turn to look, and how about the performance. And although I didn’t expect any revelations from the “atom”, I honestly drove away everything I needed. Let's see the results. Well, first, the game. For something serious is not enough, but you can run Fallout 3.

Now let's study office productivity. As expected, the netbook is enough for her.

If necessary, you can even start simple graphical programs, the benefit of memory is enough. But eMMC is not very fast, well, then he and eMMC.

Also, I tried the following scripts:

I watched Youtube (FullHD at 60 FPS - only way).
I watched the video (FullHD and 4K - no problem if hardware decoding works).
All sorts of kazualki work well, games until 2010 - too.

Battery life

In PCMark Home Accelerated we get 5.5 hours of battery life. This is a good value - so, if you only watch movies, then you can squeeze 8-9 hours of autonomy.

Do not forget that the device has a USB Type-C connector, which means that if necessary, you can charge it from any power bank (yes, it charges slowly, but still during the night - it will fully charge).


From regular charging, supporting 12V at 2A, the laptop charges in 1 hour and 55 minutes. Very, very good.

Additional nishtyaki

Since GPD Win was originally planned for geeks, the developers fulfilled their desires. And what question first appears in the comments to the materials on such notebooks? Correctly, is Ubuntu supported? In the case of GPD Pocket, you can safely say - yes, it is supported. And the developers are directly stating this - that they have made the adaptation to this Linux system.


Well, of course, not without jambs - despite the fact that the developers of the piece of iron were involved, some functions do not work very well, you have to go to Github for fixes. But compared to many other laptops, which even with dances with a tambourine "bubuntu" can not be poured - this is not bad.


The developers even declared that they would release a separate Linux-version, but, apparently, because of the not-too-smooth debugging, they did not take this step. Moreover, the Windows license is free for devices with such a small diagonal.


When I looked at the GPD Pocket fundraising campaign, I thought, here it is, the ideal! It turned out - well, not really. Because for some reason, these guys have reduced the number of buttons on the keyboard, and as a result, typing a lot in Russian has become really uncomfortable. Normally, unless this is your main “printed” laptop. Well and, probably, you can adapt yourself if you constantly stuff something on it (in the end, we printed on “Psionah” and didn’t die somehow, whole books wrote on them). And this is the main drawback of the device.

There are a few, in my opinion, not very important: well, for example, there is no webcam and a slot for a microSD card. And also (if you really want to) - LTE modem.

The rest is all cool. Excellent screen, comfortable keyboard (if you abstract from the Russian language), sufficient performance, a lot of RAM and enough eMMC, good battery life. No seriously.

Well, the price has become more than that of GPD Win - it sells for a price of about 22k (may change) , and for GPD Pocket they ask for almost 30k (it may change, see the current one ).

Yes, “expensive”. Yes, "I will buy such a tablet for $ 100" (in fact, with such characteristics - no, do not buy it). But here is a unique form factor.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/408985/

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