Household appliances that can be controlled from a smartphone

Smart home appliances in our time is not a luxury, but a good opportunity to save time and add a little comfort to your life. Although not all of it has become truly smart, like the famous Roomba vacuum cleaners, you can find quite a lot of useful household appliances on the market that you can control with your smartphone. We would like to introduce you to some interesting models.

And let's start all the same with vacuum cleaners.

IRobot Roomba 980 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The company iRobot, which was originally developing robots for military purposes, in 2002 released the first robot vacuum cleaner Roomba. For 15 years, the level of its autonomy almost reached its maximum. The robot is stuffed with all sorts of sensors that allow you to perfectly navigate in space.

At the moment, the following sensors are present in the arsenal of Roomba 980:

Add advanced data collection and processing software to all sensors, and you’ll get the technology that iRobot called iAdapt 2.0. Roomba builds a room map and knows exactly where the walls, chairs, tables and stairs are located. Due to this, the vacuum cleaner does not try to break through the wall, but bypasses the obstacle and no longer falls into the trap. With the cleaning, by the way, he also copes very well.

Roomba 980 differs from previous models, the control function from the phone via Wi-Fi and the lack of a remote control, like the younger models.

The iRobot application provides the following features:

Thanks to the Wi-Fi and open documentation of the Roomba 980 control commands, you can add it to your home automation system and use it in various scenarios, for example, sending it out to get out on a scheduled schedule, but only when there is nobody in the house.

The obvious disadvantage of the device is its price of ~ 54 thousand rubles . But like all electronics, it will decline over time. However, there are slightly less intelligent models on the market with a much more humane price tag.

Split system Samsung AR09MSPXBWKNER

Air conditioning for residents of the modern city is no longer a fad, but a necessity. But living in the 21st century, we often use a prehistoric IR remote control to control a modern climate system.

The IR remote is inconvenient in everything (except, of course, prices for the manufacturer). It's time to send him to rest, and instead use the phone with a convenient application. For example, Samsung Smart Air for Samsung air conditioners.

Here are some additional options it gives:

The classic scenario of air-conditioning automation - when you leave for work, the split-system automatically switches to energy-saving mode, and by your arrival the temperature in the room has already been brought to a comfortable one.

A person breathes oxygen, and exhales carbon dioxide, and if not ventilated for a long time, then a large concentration of CO2 is accumulated in the room. From this, the head starts to ache, drowsiness appears and the ability to work decreases. With a carbon dioxide sensor, the air conditioner can switch to airing mode, thereby saving you from the appearance of premature fatigue.

By the way, this model is also in our range.

Washing machine Candy GSF42 138TWC1-07

There is a washing machine in every home, and any housewife will easily figure out all its functions. Using the control panel, you can select the washing mode depending on the type of fabric or stains, adjust the delayed start, adjust the spin speed, etc. But in order to do this, you need to be close to the machine.

The modern generation is much more familiar and more convenient to use the interface of a mobile phone than to turn the knobs and select the necessary buttons on the device. And practically any manufacturer of washing machines has models that support it. The developers of Candy, for example, added a Wi-Fi module to a middle-class car, which makes it accessible to a wide range of consumers. The mobile application duplicates the functions of the control panel on the device itself and allows you to select the wash mode, temperature and program the delayed start.

Among the features of the mobile application Candy simply-Fi:

Of course, when choosing a washing machine, the quality of washing is of paramount importance. But the additional Wi-Fi module will add comfort to the weekly procedure.

By the way, this is the only device in our collection with a relatively humane price tag .

Coffee machine De Longhi ECAM510.55.M

A good coffee machine - a rich set of functions. Professional coffee machine De Longhi can make any kind of coffee: cafe-latte, latte macyato, cappuccino, just black, etc. Using the touch screen, you can select the desired coffee or create your own special recipe. But it is much more convenient not to stand at the coffee machine and press buttons, but to do everything from a smartphone or tablet. The mobile application will visually show you what kind of coffee you can make, and will tell you in detail how to do it - the interactive instructions on the phone are much more convenient than paper ones and are always at hand.

True, the phone connects via Bluetooth - and this imposes some restrictions. For example, to make coffee, you must be within the range of a Bluetooth radio, usually within the same apartment, everything works without problems, which means you can make a cup of coffee in the morning without getting out of bed.

The De'Longhi coffee machine is enabled by the De'Longhi COFFEE LINK mobile app. The developers have worked well the visual part. Here you can see what kind of coffee you get, even before making it, and set up personalized drinks. Tips in the application will help to prepare exactly what you want, and you can follow the progress indicator on the progress of preparation.

Current price can be found here .

Refrigerator LG GA-M549ZMQZ

A modern refrigerator is not just a “box for cooling and freezing products,” but an electronically controlled cooling system. Many models are equipped with a touch screen that allows you to control the operation of the device and monitor its status. For example, to maintain the set temperature in the refrigerator, temperature sensors in all compartments and relays controlled by a microcontroller are used. In case of failure of one of the sensors, the refrigerator can report this by displaying the information on the touchscreen display.

From the display, you can also activate various functions, for example, to issue several ice cubes or to run a quick cooling of drinks.

In refrigerators with a Wi-Fi module, all this can be done through a mobile application.

For example, in the LG SmartThinQ you can:

What else?

The list of "smart" home appliances is growing every year. "Electric kettles with Bluetooth are already common, many manufacturers produce them. look at the intended result.

Household appliances can also be controlled using a radio wall socket. But it is much more convenient when the remote control function is already built into them - such as, for example, in the case of a fan, convector or water heater, whose work schedule and modes can be set up remotely - and prepare a house or apartment in advance for your arrival.

Future comes

At the moment, there is a gap in compatibility between professional home automation systems (KNX, AMX, Crestron, Z-Wave, Control4, etc.) and household gadgets. It is not so easy to integrate a “smart” multicooker, for example, in a smart home based on Z-Wave technology, but still it is possible.

Hubs that support a variety of technologies are used to integrate various systems. For example, the Samsung Smartthings controller supports Z-Wave, ZigBee, Wi-Fi devices. This means that it is possible to configure the scenario: “If the door-opening sensor (Z-Wave / ZigBee) in the kitchen has triggered, then turn on the kettle (Wi-Fi)”. Redmond provides a gateway for all of its Bluetooth devices, allowing them to be controlled remotely, and the same gateway in the future will help integrate multicookers and kettles with professional automation systems.

Perhaps in 10 years the line between professional home automation and smart home appliances will be erased, and we, buying any iron or kettle, will be sure that when we leave the house they will automatically shut off by a common motion sensor, which will determine that there is no one in the house .


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