Gemini Lake - Intel's New Budget Family

Intel has announced a new low-power Gemini Lake processor family. The new line has small dimensions, contains only 6 models, of which three have J index (for PC), and three - N (for wearable devices). Here we see equipped drag. metals marking the new sample - Intel Pentium Silver, which was promised when you start Pentium Gold. On the whole, the family inside the subgroups looks smooth and predictable - approximately this kind of evolution was expected.

Gemini Lake replaced the Apollo Lake family, which, in turn, was actively used in low-cost computers and laptops. As we can see, the line of heirs is not fully announced, the older models, traditionally, will be a little later.

Gemini Lake processors are still made on the 14-nm process technology, but received an updated graphics subsystem. The older model, UHD Graphics 605, has 18 execution units, the youngest, UHD Graphics 600 has 12 units. A comparative table of characteristics is given below.

Model nameNumber of coresFrequency, GHzKesh, MBTDP, WGraphicsRec. price
Intel Pentium Silver J5005four1.50fourtenIntel UHD Graphics 605$ 161.00
Intel Pentium Silver N5000four1.10four6Intel UHD Graphics 605$ 161.00
Intel Celeron J4105four1.50fourtenIntel UHD Graphics 600$ 107.00
Intel Celeron J400522.00fourtenIntel UHD Graphics 600$ 107.00
Intel Celeron N4100four1.10four6Intel UHD Graphics 600$ 107.00
Intel Celeron N400021.10four6Intel UHD Graphics 600$ 107.00
As can be seen, Gemini Lake, to the dollar, inherited the price characteristics of its predecessors, so a change in generation will not cause a rise in prices for products. Will it lead to improvements in performance, mainly performance? According to official data, compared with the generation of the Bay Trail (saw the light in 2013), the increase will be about 50%. It seems that in certain situations it will be noticeable. From the really useful and interesting functional innovations, we note support for the standard Gigabit Wi-Fi, HDMI 2.0 and the output of 4k-video at 60 FPS.

The first devices based on Gemini Lake will appear in early 2018.


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