iPhone X has not passed the test of strength Roskachestvo

Recently, Roskachestvo, together with the International Assembly of Consumer Testing Organizations (ICRT), conducted an examination of the iPhone X. According to the results of these studies, the iPhone X got less points in the final grade than other 2017 flagships. Moreover, the iPhone X showed worse results than some phones, released a few years ago.

However, the Apple gadget has strengths. According to experts Roskoschestva, this camera and display. The check was conducted by the department according to 274 parameters. The duration of the test is one month, the tests were carried out in one of the laboratories in Western Europe. Among the 274 parameters mentioned, the experts conducted tests on the main and front cameras, as well as tests for strength and water resistance, in addition, charging and discharging the battery and some others.

The maximum score set by the rules is 5.5. The minimum is 0. The best results were demonstrated by 72 parameters of the smartphone. These include the front camera, the ability to wirelessly charge, the display (its brightness and contrast), the functions of the main camera, usability and practicality of the device.

Quite good results were also demonstrated by the phone in relation to such parameters as water resistance, touch screen, video quality, geo-location, camera autofocus, High Definition connection quality, sound in headphones and sound recording. The phone has also earned positive ratings from experts in terms of the build quality of the device, as well as scratch resistance.

Experts who conducted the tests, argue that the camera is the latest model of the smartphone Apple - the best since the test. In this parameter, the iPhone X shows a better result than any other phone among 309 other models, including those that entered the market at the same time as the Apple smartphone. Among other smartphones that have been tested, should be called Galaxy 8 from Samsung. The South Korean company's phone has a good camera, but in terms of camera and video Samsung smartphones are five or more behind the iPhone X. However, the aggregate of all other parameters allowed the Galaxy model range to get more points than the iPhoneX received.

One of the worst parameters of the iPhone X - its strength. Here, the smartphone almost failed the test with the help of a drum test. During its execution, the iPhone X received only 2.9 points, taking the sixth place from the bottom among the 310 models of phones that were tested by Roskachestvom. After 50 turns of the pipe at the Apple smartphone, the screen broke, and vertical green stripes appeared on it. After 100 turns, the glass back panel broke, and the display stopped functioning altogether.

Surprisingly, the weak point of the smartphone was his battery. Its capacity in comparison with other batteries rating Roskachestvo was lower than most other phones. The device as a result took only 180th line of the overall rating for this parameter. Another problem is a long charging time, which is about 3 hours. Fast charging within 15 minutes adds only 9% of its total capacity to the battery.

In the final table Roskoschestva iPhone took the 11th position. Ahead of him were previous Apple models, including the iPhone 6, 6s, 8 and 8 Plus, as well as the Samsung line of smartphones and the LG G6 smartphone.

In early November of this year, the phone was evaluated by the company in terms of maintainability by another company, iFixit. She dismantled a brand new smartphone, after which it turned out that the design of the device is significantly different from other models of Apple smartphones. And the difference is not only purely external. Inside the device is not one battery, but two at once. At the same time, the total battery capacity remained the same - 2716 mAh compared to 2691 mAh iPhone 8 Plus.

The phone camera was decided to be placed vertically, because otherwise the TruDepth system would not fit in one case. The motherboard is now smaller, but the density of components on it has increased. Apple, you can say, folded the motherboard, soldering both sides, which made it possible to achieve a more efficient use of space inside the case.

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