Launched a copter - got a penalty

image The Crimean transport prosecutor's office initiated an administrative offense case - a violation of the rules for the use of airspace by persons who are not entitled in the prescribed manner to engage in the use of airspace. The violator turned out to be the 27-year-old Yaltynets, who launched the quadrocopter DJI FANTOM 4.

The South Transport Prosecutor's Office informs about the verification of compliance with the requirements of the air legislation regarding the violation of the use of the airspace of the Russian Federation in the Crimean transport region by the Crimean Transport Prosecutor's Office:
During the audit, it was found that on October 1, 2017 at 19.45, near the Cape Tarkhankut of the Black Sea region of the Republic of Crimea, near a military unit, the 27-year-old native of Yalta carried out an unauthorized launch and piloted the unmanned aircraft in quadrocopter DJI FANTOM 4 »(Hereinafter referred to as UAV) for the purpose of photographing the surroundings.

Probably it was the flight near military units that caused the initiation of an administrative offense case. Domestic trends are reminiscent of those described in the article " The United States Air Force wants to get the right to shoot down civilian drones, " and probably in the near future, domestic owners of drones will not only get into trouble with the law, but will also lose their drone perfectly legitimate.

There is no direct ban on flying near military units. Nevertheless, there are areas closed or restricted to civil aviation (Visually on or )

Restricted areas and restricted flight areas.
The revealed violation is more likely an excuse to punish. I think the main factor that could possibly draw attention to the copter and its owner was the regime of the border zone plus the restoration of the Soviet military infrastructure in Crimea.

In February 2016, the rules for registration of UAVs in the Russian Federation were published , if the system weight is more than 250 grams:
At the same time, there is no possibility to conduct online registration. To register a UAV, the owner of the device must come to Rosaviatsia, to Moscow. In addition, registration requires the presence of a certificate from a UAV. And the requirement to fulfill it is impossible, since the drones are not yet certified, says the president of the Association of small drones Oleg Ponfilenok. An interesting point is that according to the current legislation, the owners of aircraft must provide information about the routes in advance. As for the punishment for the lack of registration, this question is still open - there is no regulation yet.

About attempt to register a kopter can be read on Geektimes - the Tale about how we kopter tried to register .
In July 2017, changes to the Air Code came into force, according to which unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) heavier than 250 grams must be registered, launching an unrecorded drone faces a fine of 5 thousand rubles.
All UAVs must fly based on the permission to use the airspace, and the permit is issued on the basis of the registration number of the unmanned aircraft. And if a large drone must be registered, then a small aircraft must be accounted for "

If the drone took off without permission and without a number on board - even just got off the ground - then for a violation of airspace a citizen can write a fine of 5 thousand rubles, an official - 20 thousand, and legal - 300 thousand rubles.

At the time of publication in July 2017 on GT news " From today in Russia, drones heavier than 250 grams need to be registered, but so far this can not be done " the code has not yet been in effect:
So you need to register now?
No, the fact is that the changes came into force, but the draft resolution on the registration of drones is only being prepared for submission to the Ministry of Justice and the government

In this case, the prosecutor's office revealed violations of the “air legislation and the Rules for the use of the airspace of the Russian Federation”. The owner launched the UAV "without filing a flight plan and obtaining the appropriate permission of the competent authority in the field of air traffic management".

It is not known whether pictures and videos have been deleted. On the web, you can find stories of photographers who were detained and removed a memory card when photographing sensitive objects.

And in this case, the Tarkhankut Crimean Transport Prosecutor's Office initiated an administrative offense case as provided for by Part 2 of Article 11.4 of the Administrative Code (violation of the rules for the use of airspace by persons not authorized in the prescribed manner to engage in the use of airspace, if this action does not contains a criminal offense).

The guilty person was brought to administrative responsibility in the form of a fine in the amount of 3000 rubles.


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