What to give for the New Year? Problem 2017

Each year, the question that is listed in the title, again becomes relevant. After all, under the Christmas tree (pine, yes) I want to put something that will be remembered by man for a long time. A gift for a gift - well, who needs it? In order to make it easier for readers to choose, Madrobots has compiled a small (relatively) selection that allows offering gifts to a wide variety of people - both adults and teenagers, both Sci-Fi lovers and creative individuals.

For those who follow their figure - Picooc Mini

HLS - ahead of the rest, and now more and more people are trying to keep track of their weight, figure, muscle mass. In short, millions want to be in shape. And this is good!

This can be done with the help of smart scales Picooc Mini. This is, in fact, the first device that measures 12 parameters of the body state at once. Including - the biological age of a person, based on his physical indicators.

Picooc Mini - practical, and most importantly accessible smart scales, which determine all the specified parameters in just 3 seconds and are not inferior to the Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale (both the first and the second model).

For young geeks - robot Sphero Mini

On Geektimes the review of cool Sphero robots was already published. Mini is a smaller version of its “big brothers”. This is a robotic ball that can be controlled using a smartphone or tablet. With it, children can play different games, including bowling. There are three pins and three road cones for this purpose. In addition to them, you can use any other obstacles and objects.

Sphero Mini is a great gift for a child or teenager. The code for the Sphero Mini can be improved independently (JavaScript).

For lovers of racing - Sportcar from Ugears

About wooden mechanical constructors from Ugears, we have repeatedly told on Geektimes. All puzzles of this company are a great gift, but “Sportcar” is a novelty that can appeal to both children and adults.

All the elements of the machine are cut from high-quality plywood using a CNC with a laser, so that parts are free from burrs or irregularities. U-9 Grand Prix Sportcar repeats the features of a retro car Mercer 35 Raceabout. Under the hood of a stylish sports car housed an 8-cylinder engine, and the transmission has three modes. The steering wheel of the U-9 Grand Prix functions and rotates the front wheels of the car, transmitting the force through the steering column. Suitable as a gift to motorists and enthusiasts.

Sports car from Ugears will allow you to have fun with your family or in the office.

For parents - QardioArm tonometer

We have already written about the QardioArm smart tonometer. It measures both systolic and diastolic blood pressure, as well as pulse. The measurement results are transferred to their own application. Here information is analyzed and visualized using graphs and charts.

Different users can work with this tonometer, for which the creation of profiles is provided. When measuring the pressure in the program, you can enter data on the place of measurement, then to see the dynamics of the results depending on the occupation (gym, home, office, etc.).

QardioArm will suit anyone who is serious about monitoring their health.

For those who want good posture - Master of Posture

This is a small device created by domestic developers. There are two options for the gadget - for children and for adults. In order to use the device, you need to attach it to the clothes (there are special attachments included). In the event that the posture is incorrect, the gadget starts to vibrate in order to warn about the problem of its owner. If desired, the "Master" can be paused by laying on a horizontal surface. You can also “calm” him by clicking on the button.

Master posture is a simple but very effective device. Children's option - here .

For wine lovers - electric corkscrew XD Collection

Virtually every home has a corkscrew. Despite the fact that now there are quite comfortable models, not everyone has the strength to uncork a bottle of wine. The XD Collection electric corkscrew does its job in just a few seconds.

The corkscrew is equipped with a battery, a charge of which is enough to open 40 bottles (by the way, the restaurant business can also come in handy). All you need is to put it on the bottle by placing a spiral in the center of the cork and press the "Down" button. After the corkscrew goes deep into the cork, press the “Up” button and enjoy a glass of wine.

The electric corkscrew from XD Collection is a stylish and highly relevant gift in the context of the upcoming holiday.

For lovers of social networks - LaMetric desktop smartwatch

LaMetric is not just a smartwatch. This is also a smart LED display with great possibilities in terms of customization. It is designed to display a large number of digital indicators or text messages from various sites and mobile applications. You can, for example, configure the system to display currency rates or stock quotes. And you can display on the display statistics of site traffic or money on your PayPal account. There are many options. The application is available developer programs from around the world that can be used for their own purposes.

LaMetric can also remind you of upcoming meetings, display incoming emails, information from social networks, the weather, and even be capable of streaming music. The system, being integrated into the Smart Home system, can output monthly energy consumption indicators.

For creative personalities - Aquaboard

This is an unusual tablet, for drawing on which you need only water. You can draw an unlimited number of times, plus no resources are spent, except for the water itself. In order for the image to appear, on the Aquaboard you need to hold a wet brush on the surface of the board. As soon as the water evaporates, the pattern disappears. All ingenious is simple - uncomplicated, in terms of functionality, a tablet can be a good way to combat stress and allow you to distract from external stimuli.
Aquaboard is a great gift for both children and adults.

For Star Wars fans - Sphero R2-D2

Sphero R2-D2 robot droid is a good gift for Star Wars fans and robots in general. It is controlled using a tablet, phone or a Force Band controller bracelet.

The robot is able to dance, plus expresses all the emotions that showed the original robot from the film. By the way, R2-D2, is able to distinguish other Sphero robots, Star Wars heroes, and even yourself if you turn on a film with its participation.

For those who save the most valuable - XD Design Bobby


And finally, another gift option is the Bobby protected backpack. We wrote about him more than once , and all because it is difficult to keep silent about him. It is impossible to break it, it is protected from street thieves and in addition it can also charge phones and tablets, thanks to the built-in USB port. Usually Bobby is sold without a battery, which you need to buy. But this is the New Year! Therefore, we give along with a backpack a Hiper 7500 mAh battery.

Well, another gift - a 10% discount on the entire range of Christmas collections from Madrobots. To buy at a discount you need to use the promotional code GTNY18.

In the comments you can share, what would you like to receive as a gift this year?

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