A trifle, but nice: a cup that regulates the temperature of the drink

Each of us faced a situation when hot coffee poured into a cup, left on the table, in a few minutes turns into a cold drink (it is estimated that a comfortable temperature lasts only 37 seconds). This is especially true for winter and cool rooms. In principle, you can use a thermos, but this is not always convenient.

The other day the network has information about the Ember Ceramic Mug ceramic mug (no, we do not sell it, this is not advertising), which can maintain the required temperature as much as the owner needs.

Well, for each drink there is a certain temperature at which it is best to drink. For coffee, it's about 55-60 degrees (if you do not take into account cold coffee). The lower the temperature, the less pleasure.

Mug looks good. In order to understand how high the temperature needs to be maintained, it is equipped with an LED indicator. For hiking such a cup is hardly suitable, but for the home or for the office - almost perfect.

The most interesting thing is not even the cup itself, but the technology that cuts at the base of the Ember Ceramic Mug. Immediately it should be said that this thing is not cheap - about $ 80. Yes, it is for one cup, not for packaging. Their production is expensive. According to the founder of the company Ember Clay Alexander, the buyer will be found. This includes employees of various companies that work in offices, and lovers of everything original, and geeks.

Generally speaking, to heat or cool a liquid is simple. But to maintain a constant temperature is very difficult. Alexander used a thermoelectric cooler in a vessel with liquid. All the heat was gone, but the liquid sought to acquire the ambient temperature and heated up again. The upper part of the cooler was constantly hot. In order to create a vessel capable of maintaining the temperature, Alexander decided to place thermoelectric elements on the sides of the circle.

The scheme turns out to be the following - first, a tempo element is activated, which is higher in level than all the others. It cools a certain amount of coffee at the top of the mug portion of the mug. Cold liquid replaces warm, which rises to the top. From above, it cools down. Then the heating elements come into play, and the process repeats. This happens all the time, as a result of which the temperature of the drink remains about the same.

By the way, in Ember Ceramic Mug there is also a wireless communication module that allows you to adjust the temperature of the drink from your smartphone. The battery is charged through a standard micro-USB port.

Even in early prototypes, the temperature difference of the liquid in the upper and lower parts of the cup did not exceed 1 degree.

With the help of Ammunition, the final version of the mug was developed, and it was quite difficult. It was necessary, in honesty, to figure out where to place the battery, heating elements, controls. The first prototype was studded with buttons and switches, so that it looked like a complex device. Experts from Amunition advised the inventor not to reinvent the wheel and leave the traditional form of a mug alone. Here it was decided to use the philosophy of Tesla. The company placed the new technology in the old form (car body) and motorists did not have to adapt for a long time.

In principle, everything turned out well with Ember - the company created a mug that just works. Several technology publications have already recognized this circle as one of the best inventions of the year. Yes, despite the price.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/409113/

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