10 days of holidays - how not to go crazy

Each new year begins with 10 days of crazy, cut off and unrestrained fun, skis, skates lying on the couch and running from the refrigerator to the vase with tangerines. Favorite movies, cartoons, meeting guests, work (where do without it) and a crowd of children, wives, husbands, parents around. And somehow it becomes even sad that these days pass in such an atmosphere. And then drowsiness at work, snacks in the tables, liters of coffee - in general, as you celebrate the new year, you will spend it.

And even if you do not believe in the energy of the border dates, signs and customs, going to work after 11 days of relaxation is also very fraught. In order not to hurt for the days spent aimlessly, you need to organize them correctly: entertainment, books, sports and active games, communication and training. Thus, several birds with one stone will be shot at once: switching of attention, rest against the background of changing activities, new knowledge and skills, inspiration.

What to do on holidays?

We have ideas on what to do during the holidays. Moreover, we will share not only our experience, but also observations of our customers: approximately from November, the shaft of orders for various motherboards, microchips, and 3D printers begins. And the shaft continues in December and in January, when the hypothesis of buying Christmas gifts does not make sense. Just at this time, people rush about trying to entertain themselves. So, our topper.


A huge range of amateur electronics spawned a wave of interest in DIY-work. They collect everything: from microcomputers for a smart home to postcards and robots who roll beer around the apartment. And this is a very good hobby that you can do with children. In general, if you have children, then it is better to do something with them, rather than just play. First, it is contact with parents, and second, the skill of working with electronics and the development of fine motor skills. Thirdly, this is the child's vocational guidance - you can immediately analyze and evaluate his abilities.

We have compiled a list of the most sought-after products for DIY electronics, however, we advise you to first think over what you are doing and then buy the parts. But it may come out offensively: the robot is smart, the beer is getting cold, but they have forgotten about the platform with wheels. You know exactly what to do with this list:

But you don't always want to mess with chips, program, design. Sometimes it's just nice to work with “live” materials. For those who are far from electronics, Arduinka and Malinki, but not against doing something with their own hands, there is such a set of mini-engraver . At the same time decide whether you need it and avoid buying an expensive eminent original.

3D printing

3D printers keep a steady popularity among buyers, and in terms of the amount of consumables we buy, we can judge that 3D modeling is a big honor all over the world. And this is also a great way to occupy yourself, try out new technology or make your child happy with a toy made on a printer. By the way, to assemble the printer itself is also another adventure.

We chose the top printers and accessories for them, which are ordered most often.

Computer games

Even if we write three posts about how not to ditch all the holidays all the time, hardly anyone will listen to us. And, in fact, something bad - how many interesting unclimbed toys you can get through these days, how many nights without fear of not sleeping, you can devote to virtual battles and hikes. So - a great option to spend the holidays for the most avid!

For the little ones

If there are children in the house, holidays - it can be fun or it can be a nightmare, the situation can take any turn. And the worst thing that parents can do is free themselves and put the kids in the hands of a tablet or laptop with cartoons, especially if they are from one to five. It is better to use wooden toys (not nailed to the floor) and constructors. Thus, in 10 free days you can go through a real intensive training in colors, shapes, numbers. So you will make your life easier and you will make less tiresome future evenings after work. And with such toys, even adults are interested.

If everything went wrong

Alas, cold, damp, excessive food sometimes joke evil jokes with people. Therefore, even on the road or away, it is better to have at least a thermometer on hand to act immediately. And let it be the only medical tool that we all need. Cheers.

As you can see, we used seals in the article, although the year of the dog is on the eastern calendar. But the Chinese New Year will come much later, so we will not rush things.

Of course, we have listed the most basic ideas for your New Year holidays, which we derived based on the requests and purchases of users. But our team, which is a clear sign of Russian-Chinese friendship, knows several other ways to have a great time.

  1. Skiing and skating. Stand on them, if before that you were only a spectator.
  2. Travel around Russia and around the world (come to China, it's cool here!).
  3. Read books and study materials so that January 9, the best version of yourself comes to work.
  4. Doing repairs at home - yes, yes, it is worth taking care of your home, and to release the summer days for more enjoyable activities.
  5. Go through the car and prepare for the summer season, or simply conduct a thorough inspection (of course, in the garage, if you have one).
  6. Write the program code of the project that you came up with so long ago - or at least start.
  7. Dance with friends. Believe it or not, but a stylized, themed or dance party is a great way to drink and eat without consequences, but at the same time to chat and shake antiquity. From pajamas and slippers to dandies and times of prohibition in the USA, parties go live and photos look colorful.

The main thing is everything, absolutely everything to do with pleasure! Our Gearbest team wishes you a Happy New Year and all those celebrating - Merry Christmas! We wish you effective work, reliable friends, fascinating hobbies, great mood, and all of us - peace and good. We are sure that the new year will bring only pleasant surprises. We do not prophesy, but we judge them by orders and gifts - goodness and sense of humor in this world are more.

By the way, what are your plans for the holidays? Share ideas with each other.

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