From usual meeting rooms to coworking space


Finding a venue suitable for an event - well-equipped, with a stylish design, ergonomic layout and optimal cost can be a real headache for the manager.

The most popular options among the organizers are lofts, restaurants, hotels, but renting a room in co-working comes to mind not in the first place - and in vain. Igor Shulinin, director of the Workki network in Russia, cites a number of arguments in favor of choosing coworking for various types of events.

1. Various hall options

Coworking is a multifunctional space, divided into several zones, among which you can choose the ideal option for each type of event. For example, for film screenings or lectures, there is an Amphitheater hall, where the seats are located in a semicircle, so that everyone can clearly see and hear the speaker. Halls of open space are suitable for hackathons, conference rooms - for master classes and seminars. If the meeting is designed for several people, book a meeting room and no one will disturb you. For summer events at Workki, you will have a veranda with cozy hammocks at your disposal.

2. Exit to a unique audience

Residents of coworking –– programmers, designers, start-up entrepreneurs, small business representatives –– eagerly attend open events held in work spaces. The most relevant for this audience are master classes of business topics: networking, the art of negotiation, public speaking, marketing, promotion on the Internet and personal time management. Conducting such events in coworking, you can count on the presence of high-quality and relevant audience.

Another thematic area that is relevant now, including for residents of coworking, are workshops on blockchain technologies. The key difference between such events and their counterparts at other venues is the presence of a formed community, as well as a high level of confidence in the organizers.


3. Everything you need is already there.

You do not have to worry about the design of the hall, lighting, projector and sound system - by the beginning of the event everything will be customized especially for you. In co-working, printing services, Wi-Fi, microphones, tea, coffee and water are available for guests.

As a rule, any event consists of the official part - speeches and presentations of the speakers; and informal - informal communication and buffet. At the same time, many sites represent one large hall, where the zones for different activities are not separated from each other. As a result, the speaker has to observe guests chewing, or guests are distracted from the contents of the performance to the look and smell of the dishes standing here. Workki co-working has several separate areas for catering - a cafeteria, a kitchen and a lounge with soft sofas.

If your meeting provides for diverse activities, then no need to run anywhere –– informal communication or table tennis competition can be arranged right in coworking, immediately after the business part. To do this, simply move to the chill out zone. Therefore, coworking is also chosen for corporate events.


4. Great design

Coworkers are designed to be truly enjoyable. Clear lines and geometry in the interior create the right atmosphere, but at the same time adjust to the working mode. Thanks to the modern and stylish design, coworking is often chosen as a platform for filming.

5. They will always help you.

There is a community manager in coworking, which means you don’t have to delegate anyone to meet guests. The staff will deal with all organizational issues from setting up the equipment to announcing an event in the coworking community, while you can calmly concentrate on the content of the event.

In order to experience the attractiveness of the Workki co-working space on your own experience, it’s enough to order a callback or sign up for a personal tour on the company's website.


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