Telegram could not resist the "crazy growth of traffic" and showed "server error"

The place popular in the past, ICQ and Skype is now occupied by Telegram. Since May 2017, the free messenger by Pavel Durov is the fastest growing messenger in terms of downloads and the size of the audience in Russia, according to the research company Similar Web. In some other countries, the situation is similar.

But you have to pay for popularity: the unprofitable company Telegram Messenger LLP was unable to ensure reliable operation of its free program. On the evening of December 18, 2017, the first serious failure occurred in Telegram.

“Because of the recent insane growth observed at about 5 pm GMT (8:00 pm Moscow time), messages were delivered more slowly than usual,” Pavel Durov tweeted. “We made some changes, tomorrow everything should be fine.”

Pavel Durov writes from Dubai, because this is where the messenger development team is located. Most developers are from St. Petersburg.

“Slower delivery” of messages in practice meant that for some users messages were not delivered at all, the service issued a “server error”.

According to the DownDetector service , residents of Stockholm, Berlin, London, Milan and Rome, Barcelona, ​​Zurich, Paris and Singapore also reported on the work of the messenger.

Obviously, it is difficult for a small company to ensure uninterrupted operation of servers, if it fixes monthly losses from operating activities and is forced to save every cent (or every penny, since Telegram Messenger LLP is registered in London).

The company lives exclusively for the personal savings of Pavel Durov.

For example, in the fiscal year that began on March 1, 2016 and ended February 28, 2017, Telegram suffered a loss of £ 1.438 million ($ 1.9 million at the average exchange rate for that period), the Telegram Messenger LLP report says .

Obviously, due to the “insane increase in traffic,” the company's losses have only grown - and similar failures may well recur in the future. This can be called quite natural growth costs.

However, the current loss ratio is planned. The company deliberately does not invite advertisers yet and does not introduce paid services, hoping to increase the audience on the image of a fast and secure messenger.

So far this has been doing very well: for example, in November 2017, 1.682 million Russian users downloaded the program from the Google Play catalog: from May to November, the growth in the number of downloads was 168%. The share of active users of the messenger (counted as the share of users of the application per day of the total number of all users of devices running on the Android operating system in Russia) increased from 3.17 to 5.51%, which allowed overtake, for example, Skype (3 , 9% in November). From October to December 2017, Telegram is in the top 3 applications for communication in both the App Store and Google Play.

Pavel Durov promised that Telegram will start earning in 2018.


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