Because of complaints about the Telegraph service failed

Yesterday, many Telegraph users noticed service interruptions. In some regions, the service worked better, in some - worse, but the failure was noticed by the vast majority of users. As it turned out, the problem arose due to the fact that Russian users began to complain about the resource to the Philippine registrar. Pavel Durov claims that the complaints were false, and problems with the service were temporary. Now the solution to the difficulties of a technical nature involved in the developers, according to "RBC".

Pavel Durov himself wrote on his Twitter that the Telegraph began to work incorrectly. He stated that temporary problems had arisen with the domain due to “false complaints” from Russia to the official domain name registrar of the Philippines.

Yesterday, when I tried to access the site of the service, he gave an error message that a domain was available for registration. Now a page opens that suggests the user to publish something, that is, the service has started up again. The features of this service is the ability for users to publish texts, photos and videos without registration. In order to do this, you need to fill in only three fields - the title, name and text, and then click on the publish button.

This is not the first technical service failure. Last week, the Telegraph began to block on Facebook. The social network has ceased to support posts that were created using the service Durov. When blocking such posts, the following was said: "We deleted this post, because it looks like spam and violates community norms."

What kind of complaints about the Telegraph filed from Russia, and who exactly complained is still unknown.


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