Traditional report for the year

For statistics, a base is needed - a set of data for a sufficiently long period. Time flies, and for the fourth time I am summing up the results of a popular blogogod. Under a cat, as usual, statistics of publications on Geektimes and in LiveJournal, reflections on GTD and so on.

There are a lot of blue cats Rina Zenyuk

First of all, I would like to thank my permanent editor, assistant and friend - my wife, who quietly and heroically pulls the house and the child born this year, not only gives me the opportunity to produce promotional content, but also improves its quality by checking for errors and clarifying confused thoughts.


The data are taken only from my publications, and for the analysis it is necessary to make the assumption that their quality has not changed over time. To understand the graphs and statistics, it is necessary to remind that back in October 2014, Geektimes were separated from Habrahabr. At the same time, despite the easier and more understandable content, on Geektimes the attendance values ​​are still much lower than those that were on a single resource. If, at the best of times, a publication could have received one and a half hundred thousand views, now the real attainable ceiling in the region of sixty thousand.

At the same time, it is said that the total number of visitors exceeded what it was before the division. Calculate the average for years to determine the dynamics.

The heavy tail in the right side is barely noticeable - the average value has grown, and the median has dropped, i.e. This year there are very highly rated and read materials in the right part of the distribution. Numbers show that after the failure of 2015 and the restoration of 2016, the movement in any direction stopped. A year ago, there were discussions in the comments about the stagnation of Geektimes, and so far the figures support this idea. At the same time, there are signs indicating some kind of revitalization of the situation. For the first time since 2014, I was once again started to write by strangers offering to do gadget reviews. And if last year I was in the first place in the rating> 90% of the time, now this figure is less, which means that people writing interesting materials began to appear more often.


A lively magazine (and I’ve been duplicating materials there, including from other resources) has been buried for several years, but despite the fact that the peak of its fame was in 2007-2010, the resource should not be written off. The ability to create longrids with full formatting, which can then be found with a regular search, still distinguishes it from social networks, where the average size of the post is smaller, and they usually close the search from the outside. Specifically, in my case, the numerical indicators not only do not fall, but, on the contrary, grow.

Replacing the LJ top on the main page with materials selected by the editors in 2016 turned out to be a uniquely great idea in itself. In addition, I personally was lucky to make such materials that often appeared there.

GTD Thoughts

This year, for the first time, I finally worked to the limit of performance - the materials had to be prioritized, and some began to wait for their turn for months. And the reserves of time ended after the transition to an average of six hours of sleep.

Obviously, you need to change something and improve performance further. So far I have not found working recipes that I could share, but, analyzing, I managed to notice how much time is wasted every day. If you can find ways to reduce such losses, it will be great. Also recently there were publications on polyphasic sleep on Geektimes, this is another idea that might be worth a try.

This year I again thought about switching from a mode of at least a weekly publication to a freer one, but this again did not seem like a good idea. The regime disciplines (at least me), and waiting for inspiration or an interesting topic can be a cover for self-justification. At the same time, it is worth noting that some very well-received materials were written impromptu, therefore, when there is a fresh and interesting idea, there is no need to marinate it unnecessarily.

About done

This year set a record for the number of various canceled projects, plans and events. It is clear that some share will definitely disappear, but in 2017 this share goes off scale. And, alas, not in all cases the reason was only external - some of our own plans could have been completed. The most enchanting (and probably the most offensive) incident occurred in April, when the performance at the school was canceled, for which I had already managed to come to check the equipment. It is doubly ridiculous that I met the year 2017 full of hope from a very successful December 2016. Well, let's try to learn from this experience and lessons.

It is very pleasant to recall the collaboration with, I love computer games, and it was interesting to write three materials ( ships , colonies , survival ). The comparison of impressions from the electric scooter with the experience of driving on the mono-wheel turned out to be loby interesting. From the lectures I updated “Cosmic catastrophes” and recorded two new ones - “First” and “Apollo Program” . This year's trip was only one, but it was wonderful .

Thanks for reading me. Ideas, comments, questions, thanks, curses and other feedback is accepted in any way you like - in the comments, in a personal, Vkontakte or FB. See you in the new year!


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