Results of 2017


Results of the year.

The outgoing year, in general, and its last month, in particular, for the XRONOS project were eventful.
We deliberately did not cover our every step, so that on the eve of the outgoing year we would show the crypto community and our investors actual results, figures that would speak for themselves.

So, the first stage of the project development began with the XRONOS - Presale. He passed from 9/21 to 10/21. The course was equal to $ 2.15, only 17.61 BTC was attracted, which was more than $ 85.000
The 2nd stage of development of the XRONOS - ICO project was also successfully completed and completed from 21.11 to 21.12. The course was equal to $ 7.38, 19.86 BTC were attracted, more than $ 300.000.

Results of stages 1 and 2 of 2017:
- Emission 80.539,397 XPO
- The XPO rate increased more than 3 times from $ 2.15 to $ 6.87
- ROI since PRESALE more than + 180%
- Market capitalization 513.841.35 USD
- Providing cryptocurrency XRONOS due to CCB 496.773,14 USD

Collected - 17.61 BTC
XPO Course - $ 2.15
Collected - 19.86 BTC
XPO Course - $ 7.38
Thus, a total of 37.47 BTC were attracted, more than $ 500.000

All current statistics available on the site .

The next, 3rd and 4th stages of project development are PRESALE and ICO Globula.

Well, we just can not tell you about December 16-17, when in our castle Crypto Castle in the Czech town of Teplice - our headquarters - was held a party of the Crypto Castle Party.
We decided to hold this event in order to inform a part of the RF crypto community about our project.
20 people were invited - experts, investors, representatives of crypto funds, and of course the media to discuss and disassemble our project in a closed format. We wanted to know their opinion. Excellent feedback was received and, of course, we presented the next stage of the project - a new geolocation game GLOBULA.
At least, it’s not beautiful to praise yourself, so who was at the Crypto Castle Party and what they think about our project and the XRONOS team is better to search in social networks (FB) by hashtags #cryptoparty #cryptocastle #cryptocastleparty #xronos.
We can only say that all those present liked this format of the event so much that we decided to hold them regularly and gather at our castle. The nearest we will be in February-March 2018.

A few words about how this became possible - the operation of the XRSS system.
As planned, tests and tests of XRSS were conducted and now the numbers speak for us. It is worth noting that the testing and operation of XRSS showed that the capitalization of a cryptocurrency basket of CCB is growing at a pace that is ahead of the growth of individual cryptocurrencies.
Also, the growth rate of XRONOS + 180% for 3 months, which was possible thanks to the CCB and the entire crypto market.
Recall that CCB is our cryptocurrency portfolio, which includes coins, whose total capitalization is ~ 95% of the cryptocurrency market.

Next year we will have 2 remaining stages of the development of XRONOS cryptocurrency:
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Globula Presale (Stage 3). It will be from March 30 to April 30, 2018,
Globula ICO (4 stage). It will take place from May 30 to June 30, 2018.

Happy holidays, and success to all in the new year!


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