A programmer from Moscow died in glasses of virtual reality

The Central Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the city of Moscow reports a tragic incident .

On the afternoon of December 21, 2017, in the apartment in a house on Marshal Zhukov Avenue in Moscow, the body of a dead man born in 1973 in glasses of virtual reality with a cut head wound was found. According to the preliminary version of the investigation, the man moved around the apartment wearing glasses of virtual reality and fell on the glass table, as a result of which he was injured and died of blood loss on the spot.

According to media reports , the 44-year-old man was called Sergei, he was involved in the development of software for UAVs. According to the relatives, he worked at a closed facility in the capital and did not cover his work in particular.

The body was found by Sergey's mother, who came to visit him. She opened the door with her key and saw a son lying face down in glasses of virtual reality lying on the floor. All the walls and floor around were covered in blood.

Currently, investigators are conducting verification activities aimed at establishing all the circumstances of the incident. Based on the results of the audit, a procedural decision will be made, it is stated on the website of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.

Although the deceased programmer is called the “victim of virtual reality,” in fact, such a formulation is not entirely accurate. When using VR devices, a warning is always displayed stating that you need to remove foreign objects and create free space around you. So there is a disregard for security requirements. And actually the “virtual reality” itself has only indirect relation to this sad incident.

It is appropriate to mention the death of two young residents of Mexico, who tried to take a selfie on the background of the runway and were killed by an airplane wing . In this case, the cause of death, too, is not a smartphone, but the inattention of girls.

The best comments of Keks650 and Aibolit :

Keks650: Just like in the matrix, died in the virtual world - died in reality. Dangerous however.
Aibolit: Perhaps he did not die in the virtual world, but remained to live.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/409269/

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