New Year's post good

For everyone who behaved well this year and not only, we have prepared a pleasant surprise.

Any publisher earns on advertising - whether it be a TV, radio, newspaper or website. The more interesting the content and the more active the readers, the more advertisers want to advertise. And the more actively the advanced audience tries to switch this advertisement / scroll / disable with the help of scripts and other adblocks. It turns out a conflict: the publisher is loved for a high-quality site and hate for advertising. As they say, I love to hate you.

Understanding this whole deal, you have repeatedly asked us to make the possibility of paid outages of advertising on our projects. We thought, thought, asked how our colleagues were there, then thought again, and decided ... to make this option free. Therefore, the time has come when our business has ceased to depend on banners and we can afford to disable display advertising for 48 thousand users.

The disconnect option is located in the profile settings (section “ Miscellaneous ”) and is available to all full-fledged users with Karma ⩾1. If the karma goes down, the setting becomes inaccessible, and in this way, there is nothing terrible. We continue to monitor advertising and, in principle, do not work with aggressive formats, such as videos, pop-ups, breaks, and other clickbacks.

Happy New Year! We wish you good, successful development of professional skills and positive karma not only in Habré and Geektimes, but also in real life. We thank everyone who has made a useful contribution to the development of the community in the outgoing year and we hope that in the new year your contribution will be even greater.

We declare the post of good. Plus.


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