Mass switch on the car for 5 minutes (battery protection from self-discharge)

Why not do this, see the comments! DO NOT REPEAT, DANGER!

Such a situation, that I use the car mainly on weekends, all the rest of the time it is in the garage, while in the winter for five days the battery self-discharges to such an extent that the car can’t be started (there is always a need to recharge the battery to start).

Recently, this phenomenon has begun to strain, especially when you are late, you run into the garage, start a car, but he does.

In the end, what to do? - how to solve this problem.

At first, he opened contact with the battery when he put the car, but this is unpleasant, especially when there is a great Japanese car, and you constantly twist something there, delay it, put it on, and wear out the contact, and generally begin to strain.

Think, think head ... As a result, came up with such a design - simple, fast and convenient.

I installed this construction in the gap “-” since there were all the prerequisites for successful modernization (minimum intervention in the basic design).

For this, it was necessary only to unscrew one insert and insert a rack and wire automat into the gap (neither drilled nor sawn), and most importantly, if there is no need for this, you can return everything without any trace of this upgrade (for example, when selling cars).

In this case, the wires are attached to the standard bolts. Great, great ...

And yet, I think it is not necessary to take such a powerful automatic (at 63A), you can take this, taking into account the fuses in the car, plus the fuses of the main systems working in parallel.

How to do this ?, I needed the following:
- DIN-rack machines for a high rated current, in particular 63A (picked up the most expensive, German, for 404 p., If desired, you can buy much cheaper, for example, Indian for 197 p.)

- standard ground wire from the VAZ 21010, 45 cm long, the price is somewhere around 114.25 p.
- two gaskets - they can be made by cutting the old car camera, they are necessary to protect the machine from excessive vibration and damage when tightened by fastening the battery.
Total issue price of 518.25 p.

This is all just my personal experience, these works should be carried out only by highly qualified specialists with prior approval from the manufacturer of the upgraded car!

Improper performance of these works can lead to fatal damage to equipment or even to the death of the driver and passengers! Everyone who takes advantage of this advice takes all the responsibility for the possible consequences for themselves!


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