Meta-selection of the best gadgets of the year - from "Alta" to "Zelda"

In search of the best gadgets, we looked at and compared the gift guides and top gadgets of 2017, compiled by eminent foreign publications: The Verge, The Guardian, Time, CNET, MIT Technology Review and Engadget. The result is a meta-selection of the latest, high-tech and futuristic gadgets, which Western journalists clearly recognized as outstanding. Each such device can be proudly presented to your family and friends. Let's see which devices were the most popular in the past year.

Fitbit alta

Recommend: The Verge, CNET

Smart bracelet Fitbit Alta looks like a stylish jewelry. The gadget does not cause associations with sports fitness trackers, so it can be safely worn with any clothing. Sitting on the hand of its owner, Alta considers the steps taken, calories burned, analyzes sleep and reminds to move. It should be noted that Fitbit has one of the most convenient fitness applications, which is a serious plus.

GoPro Hero 6

Recommend: The Verge, The Engadget, CNET

For its next action camera, GoPro has developed a new GP1 processor. The result was a “no compromise” device: with perfect image stabilization, without the characteristic yellowness of video, with HDR support and 4K shooting at 60 frames per second. GoPro does not know how to make drones, it's true; but the action cameras of the American company still remain the benchmark of quality.

UBTech Jimu Astrobot

Recommends: The Guardian

The charming robot Jimu Astrobot is made up of a set of designer like Lego. From the same 197 elements, you can add your own model of the robot - moving, with an infrared sensor and a speaker. The toy is programmed using the Blockly visual language.

Mophie Juice Pack Air

Recommends: The Engadget

New Apple smartphones are still eagerly consuming energy, and with active use, the gadget needs an external battery. Mophie solved this problem with the elegant Juice Pack Air battery case. Some versions of the accessory support Qi-charging, and the life of the smartphone is extended to 27 hours.

Sphero mini

Recommends: The Engadget

The Sphero Mini RoboShar is smaller in size than a ping-pong ball, but is packed to the top with sophisticated electronics and interesting features. For example, it is controlled by facial expressions: if you make a ridiculous grimace into the camera of a smartphone, the connected Sphero will roll away from the person - or will quickly drive up to him.

Jabra move

Recommends: The Engadget

Jabra Move Bluetooth headphones are specially made for those who would like to get rid of the wires, but do not like models inserted inside the ear. Large overhead cushions Jabra sit nicely on the ears, in themselves, the headphones are very light. The battery lasts for 8 hours of listening to music and talking. Yes, the sound quality will not cause audiophile delight, but the wide range, strong bass, "tops" do not disappear. Is it healthy to demand something else?

Sphero R2-D2

Recommend: The Verge, The Guardian

This is a detailed and accurate replica of the legendary Star Wars droid, which would look great on the shelf of a space saga fan. But the miniature R2-D2 doesn’t become overgrown with dust because it is a full-fledged robot: it drives on any surface, projects “holographic images”, recognizes itself on the TV screen. Even a person who is not familiar with a distant galaxy will like to play with him.

Click and Grow Smart Garden

Recommends: The Verge

Growing plants is not easy. Growing edible plants in an apartment is a serious puzzle, even for a patient gardener. The smart garden of the company Click and Grow takes all the difficulties on itself, and the owner can only reap the fruits of the garden. Dreamed of growing on the windowsill a couple of strawberry bushes? With a smart garden, they will sprout, bloom and be covered with juicy berries in a tangible reality.

DJI Spark

Recommend: CNET, The Verge, TIME

This small and relatively inexpensive “flying camera” provides a surprisingly high quality of shooting (1080p) and electronic stabilization in one bottle. In addition, the battery of the drone is the longest in its “weight category”, and gives 16 minutes of flight. Operated by Spark from a smartphone, controller - or simple hand gestures.

Nintendo 2DS XL

Recommend: The Engadget, CNET

Pocket console Nintendo 2DS XL has two displays, a convenient analog stick, and even a camera for selfie. In fact, its main advantage lies in an extensive library of games, from Metroid to Pokemon. Weighing only 260 grams, the prefix will not let you get bored anywhere: neither at home, nor on the road, nor in a boring lecture. At work, it is better not to open it, because the performance will immediately fly away to the cat's tail - and the colleagues, too.

Nintendo switch

Recommend: The Verge, The Engadget, CNET, The Guardian, MIT Technology Review, TIME

Switch is the first hybrid console in the world. At home, it connects to a large screen through a docking station. But it is enough to pull the portable case out of the groove, and the game can already be continued on the move on the built-in LCD display. The battery charge is enough for 6 hours of play. However, time will never be missed, because with the Switch the clock quietly passes one by one.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Recommends: The Engadget

Gamers like to play the old fashioned way: who is on the keyboard with the mouse, and who is behind the gamepad. So that Switch users do not need to rebuild a new control scheme, Nintendo has released a classic wireless gamepad for its console. The buttons are comfortable and soft, it sits well in the hands, the vibration is provided.

Nintendo Super Mario Odyssey

Recommends: The Engadget

The protagonist of Nintendo returns in a bright, optimistic and very fun game. Against the background of dark and depressed "adult" video games, the plumber Mario looks particularly life-affirming. As before, the princess in another castle, the dragon must be defeated, but the Italian has a new friend - a talking cap.

Nintendo Joy-Con

Recommends: The Engadget

Included with the prefix Switch, there are two controllers called Joy-Con. They can be connected to one set-top box in a larger number, which allows you to play together or even four of us. For this you need an additional set of "Joy-Konov." However, it will not be superfluous if the owner of the Switch loses the original pair or wants to play in a large company.

Nintendo The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Recommends: The Engadget

A vigorous action tells the story of the adventures of the hero Link, who, together with the princess Zelda, was destined to save the kingdom of Khairul from death. The player will have to discover for themselves the endless wild lands and all sorts of hidden game mechanics. In Zelda there are no microtransactions, lutboks and other pleasures of modern gaming, only pure pleasure.

Amazon Kindle Oasis

Recommend: CNET, The Guardian

For the Kindle Oasis e-book is expensive. However, it is worth the money: a 7-inch screen with a pixel density of 300 ppi reads as nice as paper, and does not glare in the sun. The body of the gadget is lightweight, it is convenient to hold it with one hand and two. In addition, this is the first waterproof Kindle with an IPX8 protection rating. You can safely drop it in a full bathroom or splash on the beach by accident, the “book” will continue to serve you faithfully.

Tasty one top

Recommend: The Engadget, MIT Technology Review, TIME

Tasty One Top smart induction tile is the breakthrough of the year from the Buzzfeed media holding. The gadget is made as an addition to the Tasty project, a viral cooking video series. Having bought a tile, the user connects it via Bluetooth to his smartphone, and then selects the desired recipe. The device automatically turns on the necessary settings, and the application explains step by step how to prepare food. There is a temperature sensor in the tile, so it is suitable for cooking using the sous-look technology.

Ember ceramics mug

Recommends: TIME

In the beautiful future, coffee never cools and always remains tasty and hot. Thanks to Ember startup, the future has already arrived: in 2016, the company introduced smart thermoses-glasses, and in 2017 smart thermoses-mugs. The gadget maintains the set temperature of the liquid poured in, and is configured through the mobile application. The new Ember Mug mug is made of soft-touch ceramics. Its battery will last for 1 hour of autonomous heating, or the mug is placed on the charging stand, where it heats endlessly.

And what gadget for you was the opening of 2017?

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