In defense of Australia or a view from the inside

According to the publications of Sergei Abdulmanov.

This series of publications (actually, like the entire site) fell by chance on my head - my sister called and asked, “And is there really half the truth there?”. I read. At first I laughed at the standard set of stereotypes about Australia. Then he contacted the author. It turned out to be completely uninteresting for him to listen to the opinion of a person who had been “there” for a total of more than a year, and he also rolled a couple of opuses. Leave a comment under one, so he (comment) and rested in the Bose at the moderation stage. Then another couple of publications appeared with the same problems. It is written in a healthy and good language - you will not say anything, but the facts are often presented as the ultimate truth and I personally feel ... how soft it is ... delusion.

In my opinion, the author drove a mattress (do not be offended, please!) In the vicinity of Darwin, heard plenty of local tales and spilled everything. There are a lot of things wrong. I have lived in Australia for more than 20 years and more than 15 have traveled almost all of it on my SUVs. According to my estimations, I have traversed thousands of 100, as they say outback here or in our backyard, and spent traveling up to a year of total time. I understand that no one / some / most / all (underline the unnecessary, cross out the unnecessary) Great Pravda is not needed, but nevertheless decided to throw an "opinion from the inside" here - maybe it is interesting to whom. Since there are a lot of things I’ll just be combing nonsense (in my personal opinion after 15 years and 100,000 km) through publications.

Publication one: "Australia: a small recolonization of the Earth"

"In Australia, it is dangerous - dozens of deaths from animals every year."

Complete nonsense - there are numbers and not standing next to the accident. Here's what naguglil - for 10 years of observations, the number of deaths from (taken from here ):

- horses, ponies and donkeys 77
- cows and bulls 33
- dogs 27
- Kangaroo 18 (mostly road accidents)
- bees 16
- sharks 16
- snake 14
- crocodiles 9
- emus and ostriches 5 (by the way ostriches were brought to Australia whites, before that they were not here)
- everything else is like fish, sheep, goats, camels, cats and jellyfish 39.

That is, statistically, kangaroos are more dangerous than snakes, and dogs are more dangerous than crocodiles and sharks combined. Well, it turns out that sharks eat 1.6 homo per year, crocodiles 0.9, snakes 1.4. Jellyfish with cats (in the last place, by the way) and there are no spiders at all. I found the spiders separately - last year one allergic carrier died. Prior to this, 37 years no death. So "dozens a year" is a great exaggeration - statistically, all together 5 or so. And dogs in cities are much more dangerous.

About a woman with menstruation 100% city bike.

"Brushwood can be collected only by specially trained brushwood collectors."

Maybe for mattresses - all my life I did it myself. Yes, and sent the children while we went !!! In general, in 15 years of sleeping in a tent anywhere, I never felt like a stalker. And I never wondered whether it was possible to retreat into the bushes because of need - just walked. In short, nonsense.

"Australia is either flooded or lit" - nonsense, highly dependent on the place. And where there is a lot of water and fires at the same time, this happens far from every year.

I have been to Alice Springs 6 times and have NEVER heard of any “most famous land regatta” - these are stories from some local pub. The Todd River is dry almost all year round, but regularly every year filled with the rainy season, and not at all "once in 30-40 years"

"If the forest does not set on fire, it will catch fire itself . "

Itself lights up, but not every year - conditions such as extreme dryness and lightning are needed. Aborigines are set on fire because it is easier for them to walk barefoot on the burned, and not on the prickles. Local modern science considers the ignition of everything and everything harmful for all living things. I personally agree and this is not speculative - I was in a place that had burned down the year before. Just horror - even there are no flies and silence is already ringing in the ears. And on the black trunks that stick out of the black earth, emerald green shoots. Sur some. Today, preference is given to passive preventive measures such as mowing, plowing, at the very least scolding, but not keeping abreast of the natives. Burning bush is abnormal. Totally abnormal. The aborigines, however, believe the opposite.

“Under Australia, a huge salty sea lies deep in the continent” - generally fresh and digging just right - in Alice Springs (Springs, if that’s the “source”) of water, fill it up and all of it is underground. So, of course, not everywhere. This geothermal is very little, but the water is slightly warmed up, degrees 30. Nothing leaks through the clay, actually from this and flooding. All underground water is deep and drains from the mountains in the east of Queensland. So we were told in a dozen different places.

I have NEVER AND NEVER seen solar-powered pumps - wind turbines everywhere. I admit that frost-bitten geeks (well, not in reproach!) Can put them (and why do windmills not suit them?), But it is expensive and not only buy, but also maintain.

There are many types of equalupta in Australia and not everyone turns a leaf along the sun. This is another bike that has been stretching since the days of "Children of Captain Grant".

“Roads along the sands”. The sand is small - mostly clay. There are stones. Grader grades clay - sand grading is not necessary.

About school and a lesson in natural history is just nonsense.

Wood is now impregnated so that any termite sticks. They are built from other materials because the wood is expensive.

About a cart 100% bike - I have a photo of a cart standing in one place for 50 years in the very center of Australia (link at the end of the post).

Pro spiders are all greatly exaggerated. Gloves to the elbow, shoes to the knee and other just nonsense. Well, I was particularly pleased with the spider with palm size - this is either in South-East Asia or in South America - in Australia it is mostly a trifle. Of course there are very poisonous, but 37 years without a single fatal incident speaks for itself.

Surfers are the second category of shark sufferers. More often there are catchers of Abaloneys. Although recently a veteran surfer disappeared right near Sydney. They did not find anything and did not learn anything, but since everything else is unlikely, they were written off to sharks. By the way, there are no “two halves” after a shark - either lucky without a leg or (most often) nothing at all.

In Australia there are VERY small dinosaur bones, this is a LARGE rarity. I was especially interested in this - everyone wanted to find a personal fossil. There is only one place available to everyone in a row about which I know where there are a lot of Amonites, but these are not dinosaurs.

“The rules of survival are very simple - it's better to go to the toilet not to the bushes, but rather to fasten the tent behind you, fold the sleeping bag and set it upright immediately after awakening.” - all your life is exactly the opposite. Somehow survived.

In Australia, it is believed that "kenguryatnik" (here bullbar) is an American invention. True, we are proud to have developed the idea to marasmus and we catch these kenguryatniki on everything vpodryad from multi-ton trailers to small things like Corolla. The thing is really necessary, if you are going to ride at dusk (without insurance!) In places where there are a lot of kangaroos.

"Insurance for cars operates before sunset" - thanks to the Ministry of Health that I warned that now, like sunset, I will sleep in the car until dawn. The author himself is not funny?

The ozone hole in the south — in the Darwin region, one can avoid smearing — has been verified experimentally. At least those who are used to. In the south, near the ocean, an hour is enough to burn completely. Unaccustomed to maybe 30 minutes is enough. In general, the official point of view (divided by 100%) is that tanning is the way to skin cancer and on this occasion is full of advertising calling not to sunbathe.

“The army is regularly called to shoot camels and goats from helicopters with machine guns” - thanks to the author for a 10-minute hysterical laugh! It is obvious that the author does not even remotely understand what is green in Australia and what is the Australian army. Yes, they shoot from helicopters, but definitely not the army or machine guns with IR sights. In addition to all other things, in Australia it is not legally possible to shoot animals with anything other than expansive bullets (such as dum-dum). On the other hand, the military (well, in Australia as 100%) use exceptionally full-shell bullets as prescribed by all sorts of Geneva Conventions. And besides this, in Australia, as in the pro-NATO country, the main caliber 5.56. For large animals, a minimum of 30 gauge (7.62) is required by law and a Magnum is desirable. In general, nonsense. By the way, the camels, which are bouncing urgently after a rain on Thursday, could not but make them happy - they have mostly one camel born, a pregnancy for more than a year and only 2 years of maturity or 3 years. So a sharp increase in livestock due to yesterday's rain is very unlikely.

Take medicine as much as you want to Australia. The requirements are yours, the amount is no more than the length of stay and these medicines are not prohibited in Australia. My parents brought in a whole bag of pills, so with 2 kilos. And more than once. If it is interesting to find out what draconian customs officials are, then it is either to Tasmania or (even more severe!) To New Zealand. Everything is real there.

"Between the regions, the same barriers - from New South Wales (this is where Sydney) cannot be dragged to the rest of the continent" - there is a problem only with fruit flies and only on a commercial scale and only to the south. Cars are checked EXTREMELY rarely - usually during the period of some kind of muscular aggravation. Usually this is a formal place on the highway where no one even slows down or stands. A poster asking to eat all the fruit or throw it in the provided trash can. Mass ignored.

There is no fence from cats and never was. There is from dingo and from rabbits. Dingo, by the way, is very shy and theoretically can be dangerous only for a child of 2 years. They hunt alone or in pairs - nobody knows anything about the packs.

Toad is not so great sorrow as it seemed at first. She slightly reduced the number of birds and snakes. Everyone is surprised, but to this day everything is stable. But they fight with the toad as much as they can - the main victims are not birds and snakes, but local frogs (there are no toads in Australia) driven by toads from habitats and at the same time eaten by them. Local, by the way, crush the toads than they can - it is there as a national sport.

“Not a lot of problems with migrants” - this is some kind of complete, just phantasmagoric sur. Until a couple of years ago, the nuts were not completely screwed, because the pearl migrants were like flies to dung. As for me this is a HUGE problem. 80 percent of the population thinks so too.

Infrared atmospheric lasers could not please. This is 10 plus. Even 13 with two pluses.

“Bushmen use VHF radio, the antenna is taken out almost half a meter from the car. When such a cowboy calls in at the gas station, the whistle comes from the columns of all the cars on it ” - the author does not understand the difference between HF and VHF. Written is utter nonsense - on the outskirts of VHF installed on the percentage of 80 cars; the rest use manual which, by the way, are the same in power, namely 5 watts. That is, ALL have VHF and at the gas station "whistle from the speakers of all the cars," I personally have never heard of. By the way, the "cowboys" HF practically do not use - this is for riders in the backyards and deserts.

Phone on the tree? No, well, 50 km from Darwin can and will pass. Australia is MUCH more and 90% of the territory without cellular communication. Yes, and without any. Or satellite (lately sdyhaet) or KV.

For abandoned cars fined so that will not find it. As always, mainly problems with Aboriginal. Jeep 37 is not in sight, the brand was founded in 41. Wartime jeeps are there, but this is a vintage rarity and no one will pull him into the swamp. The most common junk quite common on the road is the Toyota 40 Series (produced from 60 years) and then they are less every year.

“There is almost no bureaucracy” - without words. The author obviously flies in pink clouds. We have so much good about it that we can lend to anyone. In a certain sense, a scoop is much worse — neither “for cronyism” nor “for a bribe” will succeed.

4 Taxes? The author, enlighten! Oh please!!!

“If an accident happened where the markup was damaged - definitely the total responsibility on the road builders, no matter what happens” - does the author know that there is only one marked road in the center of Australia? Everything else is a primer, which is still not graded, if immediately after the wet season. And there are also roads along the ocean beaches in the sand (by the way, there are even signs there!). In short, you can probably prove it, but it only makes sense to mess around in jail (God forbid crush someone) and with a VERY good lawyer. There is no “unequivocal” and there is no mention. In general, in Australia, suing (semi) state structures is a matter of peril. Absolutely.

First we have a good one. I think one of the best. Flying Doctor is a separate song which we are justly proud of. But "which has a guarantee of the arrival of a doctor in an hour to any point of the continent" is unspeakable nonsense. If you think so, then this means that you were not in Australia - you just drove in the 100-kilometer zone around Darwin and drove off the asphalt about 100 meters to a previously prepared site to see how this brushwood collector collects and puts you a tent from a vertical installed inside the mattress.

In general, I love Australia and especially our backyards. But I would not want people to perceive her (them) as an explosive mixture of something awful and dangerous type of trip to the Chernobyl zone with supercivilization, where everything is licked to shine. In fact, everything is easier and more natural. It seemed to me that the local population is interested in Australia and I will be happy to share everything that I saw during my years of traveling on this wonderful country. Ask, I will be happy to answer and advise where and when to go, if you decide. If interested, then comment on the rest of the opus, but there is much less nonsense. If you are not interested ... well, to hell with it [the forbidden smiley]. Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

PS Photos can be viewed here - the site is a bit slow, especially from abroad (that is, from Russia [another prohibited smiley]), but you can slowly consider.


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