Dell Workstations: For Creative Tasks and Extreme Performance

This year, Dell is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Precision Workstation product line. Recently, it has been replenished with new desktop models: Precision 5820 Tower, Precision 7820 Tower and Precision 7920 Tower in a tower case; Precision 7920 Rack in the rack, as well as mobile workstation Precision 5520, the release of which is just timed to the anniversary. The filling and design of the systems are completely updated to make the workflows even more creative. In addition, Dell announced the launch of the Dell Canvas Smart Desktop.

Economy of use

To clarify how the Precision product line differs from mass products and how it can be interesting for corporate clients, it is best to start with economics of use. This concept is directly related to the tasks that a particular device solves. If the price is the most important factor for the average user, corporate customers primarily pay attention to other indicators - for example, TCO, TCO.

Corporate devices have a longer life cycle. Components for them must be selected on the basis of maintainability and reliability, and the supplier of these devices must have a certain reputation.

From an economic point of view, a business device is different from a consumer one, including the number of users who operate it. Access to corporate laptops have not only ordinary employees of the company, but also system administrators, because the client infrastructure must, at a minimum, be deployed and maintained.

Another group of users are those employees for whom client devices are a tool for solving business problems. They are called functional customers. The ability to always be in touch with a laptop gives them additional flexibility, so they also make certain requests for corporate technology.

Business solutions are always a compromise between the requirements of different groups of consumers. Ordinary employees are important ergonomics and convenience. Those responsible for technical support need reliability, built-in management and administration. The corporate device should also be easily integrated into the company's information infrastructure.

Client devices for creating content

A good client solution for business takes into account the interests of all user groups, as well as the individual requirements of the company, based on the specifics of its work. Someone needs to have the system work quietly, not warming up, use a minimum of wires to connect and not create disorder on the table. Mobile employees need the most lightweight and compact devices, which at the same time provide full access to the corporate infrastructure. There are also employees whose working conditions differ significantly from those of a regular office.

The line of Dell client devices is divided according to different application scenarios. For each profile there is one or several products, and sometimes even several lines. A special category consists of devices for users who do not consume, but create content. This is the Dell Precision series, one of the strongest in the company's portfolio.

Content creation requires a completely different, more powerful hardware platform, and in this plan the Precision line is comparable to server solutions. It presents stationary and mobile workstations, as well as a model for installation in a server rack.

The key idea of ​​the workstation is that any specialized content — engineering, multimedia, and others — is created with the help of professional software packages. Software such as Autodesk or Siemens can cost much more than the equipment on which it runs. That is why its capabilities must be fully disclosed.

To ensure optimal performance with a specific software package, the equipment is ISV-certified by an independent software vendor. It should be noted that such certification is an important feature of the Precision line.

Dell Precision Optimizer

Dell business solutions aimed at working with different types of content have another characteristic. This is a Dell Precision Optimizer utility that allows you to provide customers with universal solutions. Let's look at what its feature is.

Specialized software packages have different hardware requirements. For example, in tasks of displaying 3D graphics in real time, a high processor clock speed is needed - this is one of the key factors. Computational tasks (gas-dynamic calculations, finite-element methods, and others) will be more efficiently performed with a large number of CPU cores. However, when purchasing a workstation, the customer does not always plan to use it only in one particular way. Sometimes there is a need to use the device to solve several problems. But how to combine the requirements of different loads in one workstation?

The Dell Precision Optimizer utility contains a number of profiles, each of which corresponds to a particular mode of the workstation. Users simply select the desired profile, based on which the device settings change, and it begins to work effectively with a particular software package. The Dell Precision Optimizer (DPO) adapts system performance with a unique combination of hardware and software.

Since workstations are designed to work with graphics, it is logical to offer monitors together with them. Dell is one of the leaders in the display market, ranking first in global sales. In Russia, the company is among the leading players.

Dell Monitors

The Dell display lineup includes devices designed specifically for working with graphics. They are addressed to graphic designers and design engineers, ensuring the highest image quality. Among them - a curved monitor with a diagonal of 38 inches.

The P series is professional devices with an optimal combination of price and functional characteristics. One of the models supports 8K resolution, has the highest image quality and color depth. In addition, Dell's portfolio includes low-cost E-series monitors and specialized solutions (for example, medical supplies).

It can be said that corporate clients are offered a complete ecosystem that is complemented by professional graphics devices.

Content creation is a multi-step process, and Dell solutions can be used at every stage. They were used, for example, when creating special effects of one of the largest American studios.

VR-Ready stations and other innovations

Precision 7720 is one of the most interesting Dell workstations. Externally, it looks like a laptop, but its performance can be compared even with some models of servers. The workstation supports installation of up to 64 gigabytes of RAM with parity, a Xeon server processor, three hard drives, and NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics.

This is the first mobile device certified to work with virtual reality. You can connect a VR headset to it.

Recently, we have another interesting product called Canvas . This interactive whiteboard combines the means of displaying and editing content with a touch-sensitive pen. You can quickly, “on the go” to change the content, quickly make additions, share information. This device uses the capabilities of the Windows 10 Creators Update version, which was designed to give the developer interactive features.

Thanks to modern technologies, products are created much faster than 1000 or even 50 years ago, and very quickly brought to the market. Virtual reality makes it possible to see and "touch" the object before it is embodied in iron or plastic. This reduces the time for approval and gives the customer the tool that will make it competitive.

The Precision 5520 Workstation is actually an XPS 9560 . This slim, extremely compact premium device has an aluminum case, a 4K resolution screen and a powerful processor. On board - 32 GB of RAM with parity and Quadro professional graphics.

A new device in the Precision range is the 7920 desktop , which supports 24 RAM slots with a total capacity of up to 3 TB. In essence, this is a server that allows you to run complex models of computer vision and machine learning. The system supports the new Xeon processor, and compared to the previous model, it is possible to install more 2.5-inch disks in it. Provides easy access to the disks from the front panel, while some slots support hot swapping.

From a server, such a system is distinguished by certification by independent software vendors and the use of client operating systems. In addition, not all components are reserved, and only one power supply unit is provided.

Another interesting solution is the work station 5720 in monoblock form factor (AIO). This device for professional graphic designers can compete with Apple technology.

Also in the Dell product line is a workstation for installation in a rack , which allows to solve the problems of noise and heat dissipation, to provide reliable power supply and protection of the company's expensive assets. Access to resources is provided from thin clients on the local network using the PC over IP protocol.

Certified for professional software applications, new systems are configured to efficiently execute complex projects — for example, developing virtual reality content. Dell Reliable Memory Technology (RMT) Pro's exclusive reliable memory technology ensures that memory problems do not disrupt workflow. Fully customizable configuration options provide the flexibility to solve almost any work task.

The latest Intel Xeon processors are a great choice for artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) tasks. NVIDIA Quadro GP100 graphics will also contribute to the development and implementation of cognitive technologies, including DL and ML applications. Other NVIDIA Pascal GPUs include HBM2 memory, and NVLink technologies provide high performance and the ability to create complex computer-aided design (CAE) projects and work with realistic VR environments.

Radeon Pro SSG graphics with fast memory HBM2 and 2 TB SSD allow real-time editing and playback of 8K video using high-performance computing massive data sets and rendering large projects. Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects have announced a fully integrated Radeon Pro SSG API solution that allows creative professionals to surpass many of the current limitations in editing and reproducing content.

The Dell Precision 7920 Rack Rack Workstation in the 2U form factor is suitable for secure remote work and provides the same power and scalability as high-performance workstations in the tower version.

The new line of Dell Precision workstations allows customers to be prepared for the next major technological revolution that challenges current business models and prepares new breakthroughs in various industries.

Dell and virtual reality

Virtual reality has become one of the trends of modern information technologies - both in the corporate and in the gaming segments. It is used in design and modeling tasks.

Today this technology is experiencing a boom. A few years ago, such systems remained expensive and quite difficult to implement. Modern VR solutions are much more mobile and have a wide commercial application. They are integrated into the corporate infrastructure and are suitable for a variety of modern tasks.

According to experts, by 2020 the volume of the world market of virtual reality will reach 80 billion dollars. In this case, the global market for personal computers today is about $ 160 billion.

Despite the fact that VR-gadgets are fairly niche products that still remain expensive, the situation is gradually changing: content is being created, devices are being sold more and more. The ability to see an object before its physical incarnation gives a certain benefit. Products can be demonstrated to all interested parties involved in the creation of new products: engineers, designers, designers, and marketers. There are plans to use virtual reality in medicine, commerce, education, and other industries.

The technology allows trained employees to work with complex equipment, for example, in the oil and gas industry. The learning process is optimized due to the presence effect, which allows to save significantly. Many industries are trying to find the use of VR to solve their specific problems.

The VR-Ready mark means that individual hardware configurations are selected to work with virtual reality. For example, a workstation can be used to take a tour of a building that is still under construction.

Dell is creating a virtual reality infrastructure in advance, given the growing interest of customers. The industrial application of this technology is demonstrated in Dell solution centers in Europe. The company also collaborates with a number of startups that develop content and equipment for VR.

According to the Russian Association of Augmented and Virtual Reality, created by market participants two years ago, using VR will help reduce costs in design, optimize processes and reduce project time. The technology simplifies work with clients, allows you to immerse a person in a project, to increase the speed of making key decisions.

For example, in the real estate market, virtual reality can be used to plan premises and buildings, as well as to demonstrate finished or under construction objects to customers. Virtual reality tools and platforms already exist and can be applied.


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