How to trace your health? Useful mHealth-based applications on the smartphone

When it comes to health, our people are divided into two types:

1. “Open fracture? No problem! I wrap with a plantain - and it will itself grow together. ”
2. "A mole appeared on the ring finger - I have stage IV cancer!"

In fact, taking care of your well-being is really important. It is not necessary to beat the panic from a simple sneeze, but it is also not worth delaying until the moment when you go to the doctor, and the doctor takes you to the ambulance.

Meanwhile, thanks to telemedicine and mHealth technologies , it has become much easier to monitor health. This list of smartphone applications is direct evidence.

Important! Applications are of an auxiliary nature, are not a substitute for real medical consultation or a reason for self-treatment!

Diagnostics at home


Developer: VisualDX
OS: Android, iOS

If Dr. House was a mobile application, his name would be VisualDX. The best mobile application according to Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania.

The developers, together with doctors of 16 years, formed the basis of pictures and descriptions of the clinical picture of diseases. Now, combining the medical knowledge in diagnostics and machine learning, the service makes a diagnosis from a photo or on the basis of the listed symptoms.

The user uploads a photo of the affected area, complements the picture with accompanying symptoms and data about sex and age. The application from the base pulls up several images that the neural network has identified as closest to the photo, and prompts the user to select the exact one. At the exit, he gets several options for diagnosis with a detailed description of the disease and the course of treatment.

Recommended for use in medical institutions - as an aid to doctors in more rapid and accurate diagnosis. Already used in more than 1,700 clinics around the world.

It has access to ICD-10 and SNOMED CT codes.

The database contains more than 2,900 diseases, 40,000 images and 35,000 reactions to tablets.

"Riskometer stroke"

Developer: AUT Enterprises Limited
OS: Android, iOS

According to statistics, 8 out of 10 strokes can be avoided. To do this, you must comply with the prevention and install the "Risk meter stroke."

The application was approved by the World Organization against Stroke, the International Association of Neurology and Epidemiology, as well as 206 doctors of various specializations.

The work is based on the method for determining stroke risk factors developed by the Framingham Research Institute (Massachusetts, USA). The user fills out a questionnaire about his lifestyle; The application compares the answers with the ideal "model" of a person (taking into account sex and age) and calculates a predisposition to attack with an accuracy of several years.

The program contains recommendations on how to avoid a deplorable fate, and the main symptoms of a stroke are listed in the section of U. D. A. R.

"Hearing test"

Developer: IT in Medicine (
OS: Android

The application passed the triple test: once at home and twice - in the laboratory at the clinic at the Department of Otolaryngology at Worclaw Medical University.

It will help to assess the sensitivity of hearing in the frequency range of 12.5-18 kHz using the tone audiometry method and using biological calibration, that is, adjusting the sound level according to a normal human perception threshold. , and "strangers." If necessary, prints the test results, and during the passage - suppresses the masking noise in the free sound space.

For Apple users, there is a similar Mimi hearing test from Mimi Hearing Technologies, which by default is calibrated for Apple headphones without adjusting for others. The rest works the same way.

Medical card on a smartphone

"My health: lifestyle"

Developer: LLC Medical Information Solutions
OS: Android, iOS

Medical assistant on the smartphone, which provides almost direct communication "doctor-patient". He will help schedule a visit to the doctor (including making an appointment), and then monitor the fulfillment of his prescriptions: remind you about taking the pills, keep the user's medical indications, show the dynamics of the treatment. Contains a section for women (maintaining the female calendar and pregnancy calendar).

Provides for sending data to the attending physician in encrypted form based on TLS / SSL protocols.

Separate chip - the application is completely free and does not contain advertising.

"Analyzes: pass and decrypt"

OS: Android, iOS

Mobile version of the Moscow online medical service MedAboutme ("Medicine for me"). Integrated with the main server, so now the user can sign up for testing in one of the nine largest laboratories in Russia from a mobile. The user can take a general analysis of blood, feces, urine, thyroid hormones, biochemical blood tests, tests for HIV and AIDS, hepatitis C, and more than 1,500 other tests. The results will come directly into the app, which will explain to the user their meaning.

Another application from this developer is “Question to the doctor”, which provides another service service - an instant messenger with doctors. The user asks the question to the right specialist and in a fairly short time gets an answer, and you can get advice from several experts at once. The service guarantees anonymity and, if necessary, allows you to make an appointment.


Smart Alarm Clock Sleep Better

Developer: Runtastic
OS: Android, iOS

For good health, it is important not only a full sleep, but also the awakening in the rapid phase of sleep. The Sleep Better app takes into account the user's habits (time for lifting and lifting, drinking coffee and alcohol, mood when waking up) and wakes him up at the most appropriate time within the limits set by the owner. It also analyzes the phases of the moon, allows you to keep a diary of dreams and set pleasant sounds on the alarm bell.

The development belongs to the Australian company Runtastic, offering mHealth-products that track the number of steps, calories, water consumption and other physical activities. All are based on IoT technology and GPS data.

Digging runs its IT blog .


Developer: MeteorIT
OS: Android, iOS

Diary of both types of diabetes. Simplifies patient control over their condition. Stores information about the level of sugar in the blood, the number of eaten bread units, insulin injections. Calculates the dose of short insulin, all data is synchronized with the cloud.

It works on the basis of an automated reminder system developed by programmers specifically for this application.


Developer: Institute of Creative Psychology
OS: Android, iOS

The program helps people cope with panic attacks and chronic anxiety. It contains proven methods of dealing with panic attacks during an attack and to reduce anxiety.

For the convenience of users, the application contains podcasts (just in case of attacks when it is hard to focus on textual information).

Since it was developed with the support of the Mental Health Union, it does not contain banner ads or paid content.

"I only ask!"

"Analogs of drugs, a reference book of drugs"

Developer: VoltPharm LLC
OS: Android, iOS

The application helps to find cheap analogues to expensive medicines, and also contains a complete summary of the drug: active ingredient, pharmacological group, composition, indications and contraindications for use. Saves search history, so the user can follow the price changes. It serves as a means of familiarization, but in no case a substitute for consulting a doctor.

Nakodo using platforms for Android and iOS, and using relational databases.

"Pharmacy 2GIS"

Developer: DoubleGIS, LLC
OS: Android, iOS

An application from the 2GIS cartographic company, which shows the availability of medicines and their cost in pharmacies in 12 major cities of Russia and their regions. Allows you to set the filter by price, time of work and go to the pharmacy website to order the drug. In the application, you can also build a route to the desired pharmacy. The plans of developers to expand its geography.


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