Meet Silver Snipers

Hey, young gamers, you better watch out! Fearless team of retirees are already here to cut you under the nut!

You don't often meet a 62-year-old woman who calls herself Teen Slayer. But Monica Edenfors (Monica Idenfors) does not want to behave "at his own age" or meet someone's expectations. She is much more interesting to fill frags in Counter-Strike.

If someone decided to introduce me to a company of tough guys with nicknames like BirDie , Berra-Bang and Teen Slayer , I would rather expect to meet some rappers straight from 1989. But no, this is Silver Snipers (Silver / Gray snipers), a great team of older gamers, destroyers of stereotypes, who are now on average 71 years old.

The team, sponsored by Lenovo Legion , has set out to participate in DreamHack Winter 2017 , the largest e-sports event held in Jönköping, Sweden. To prepare “snipers” for DreamHack, a serious trainer was needed, and the role of Tommy “Potti” Ingemarsson, who left cybersport, perfectly suited this role. Ingemarsson is also the ten-time World Champion in Counter-Strike.

“The perseverance and motivation that all members of the group show despite their age simply amazed me. They are all ready to learn something new and improve themselves, says Tommy. He is delighted with the idea that computer games can benefit older people. - Some members of the "snipers" began to really feel much more confident. Games for them are effective therapy and “gymnastics for the mind,” which helps to cope with anxiety. ”

In addition to the pure pleasure of computer games like Counter-Strike, "snipers" made it easier to find a common language with members of their families who also love games. “We have more talking topics,” says Bertil “Berra-Bang” Englund. “And our children and grandchildren consider us to be cool!” Ewynn "Windy" Tovarud (Öivind Toverud) adds: "My children like it very much that people in the market recognize us and that the team has a fan page on Facebook."

The female part of the team, Monica and Wanja “Knitting Knight” Godeng (Wanja Godänge), get great pleasure by winning games, in which the first positions are usually young guys. “During the training sessions, Monica and I always play on the same team against men. And we always win, ”Vanya rejoices.

A little more about the members of the "Silver Snipers"

Abbe "BirDie" Drakborg (Abbe Drakborg), 75, recently started teaching his daughter to play Counter-Strike to train with her. Abbe is fond of origami and after each workout gives the female part of the team beautiful paper flowers.

Wania "Knitting Knight" Goedge, 63, is a typical city dweller and she likes to "steam" in Counter-Strike. For her, the game is a kind of sedative therapy. Wanja trains almost without a break to show the class on DreamHack. “This is our first eSports competition,” says Vanya. “It's nice that young people support us so actively.”

Eywynn "Windy" Comberud, 75 years old, team leader. Eyvinn loves to spend time with other members of the "snipers" and is considered the best team player.

Monica «Teen Slayer» Edenfors, 62 years old, during the training became a close friend of Vania. These two constantly play together and with pleasure they chop up their rivals (mostly men) into the cabbage. “Our families think that going on DreamHack is just insane, but we want to show everyone what we can do!” Says Monica.

Bertil "Berra-Bang" Englund, 81, the oldest and wisest member of the team. Bertil joined the "snipers" to learn how to play computer games and better understand their grandchildren. He likes to be in the spotlight - Bertil has already twice participated in the Swedish version of Eurovision.

Winning or losing in DreamHack means little to “snipers” - the game itself is important for them. “We really enjoy each other’s company,” says Abbe. “Such an experience really brings together.” Bertil comments: “Our retired friends cannot understand why we are so busy, but they support us and believe that we are very brave!”

We wish the Silver Snipers good luck and hope that they will get to some teenagers and show them a real class!


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