Delight and seduction in Las Vegas: HyperX innovations at CES 2018

While the country was moving away from the mayonnaise coma, which is smoothly turning into Orthodox Christmas, the annual consumer electronics exhibition CES 2018 was held at the other end of the planet. In the desert of Nevada, in the American Las Vegas (in the manner of "Fear and Loathing ..."), manufacturers of computer and home appliances gathered , to show the new items that will be on store shelves in the coming year. HyperX, by tradition, also brought the latest gaming accessories. So, we had a wireless headset with a chic sound and wired connectivity, a mechanical keyboard with individual RGB backlighting and the most current cybersport technology, and a new mouse with circular illumination of all colors and shades. Not that our past devices are outdated, but once started producing gaming peripherals, it becomes difficult to stop.

Headset HyperX Cloud Flight

You asked - we did. HyperX Cloud Flight is a headset with a plug-in microphone, the sound of which can be transmitted over the radio channel or through a cable. And this headset is not “one of many”, but with quite a proprietary killer feature: HyperX Cloud Flight has the longest battery life among all wireless gaming headsets. One charge of the built-in battery will last for 30 hours! Such a marathon will survive not every Korean MMO-Schnick, but for the average Russian gamer this will last for a week.

We continue to improve the design of headsets, which, since Cloud Stinger, has changed a lot. Cloud Flight is a stylish and externally neutral device that will suit a gamer of any age.

50 mm loudspeakers are traditionally responsible for sound, and with a different connection, the output frequency range will be different: for a wire it is 15–23,000 Hz, and for wireless, only 20–20,000 Hz. But this minor “assignment” in the frequency range allows you to use the headset at a distance of up to 20 m (!) From the computer. And all due to the fact that it uses the Wi-Fi communication protocol, and not the standard Bluetooth, the maximum range of which is limited to 10 meters.

In Cloud Flight there is a red light, which can either just shine or pulsate - a separate button is responsible for switching. Using the backlight, of course, reduces the time of the headphones - up to 18 hours with pulsation and up to 13 hours with a uniform glow. Therefore, if you live alone and only do that you play in the evenings, you can turn off the backlight to save battery life. You can charge the headset via USB with the included cable.

Cloud Flight is certified for TeamSpeak and Discord, and is also capable of working with PS4 consoles. Xbox One is not supported for the simple reason that someone (we will not point fingers and give a link to the site) has banned the use of third-party Bluetooth-dongles with his prefix.

Keyboard HyperX Alloy Elite RGB

We continue to develop the line of mechanical gaming keyboards Alloy! Now we have added a customized individual RGB backlight to it! Yes, we already read your comments on YouTube to the trailer of the new keyboard. No, you don’t have to change your past Alloy Elite to an RGB-backlit version if you don’t feel an urgent need for it - after all, owning the past and not the latest model does not make you a bad player. For HyperX, it is first and foremost important to provide gamers with really cool accessories!

At first glance, it seems that Alloy Elite RGB as a whole repeats the previous model. This is a mechanical keyboard that will be available with three versions of the CHERRY MX switches: Blue, Brown or Red, depending on your game style and everyday needs. Do you mainly play? You MX Brown or Red. Frequently typing or chatting? MX Blue, of course. But it's not only that. Users will be available proprietary software HyperX NGenuity, allowing you to perform all the settings of the complex keyboard + mouse from a single interface. And this will be really cool! We will wait a bit with details.

Alloy Elite RGB has no zone illumination - each key has its own LED, the color of which can be adjusted through the NGenuity software . You can even create a cool potpourri, which adds +20 to professionalism and +10 to the lighting of a dark room.
If someone does not know, then the steel frame adds a hefty massiveness and reliability to the keyboard - this, of course, is more of a design element, but in any case, the metal thing gives the impression better than the plastic one. In the case of a zombie apocalypse, the steel Alloy Elite RGB can be used as a shock-crushing knives. But this case does not fall under warranty.

Included are eight alternative keys - WASD and 1-2-3-4, - textured, gray, stylized “titanium-like”. Tweezers for removing key caps are attached. In the upper right corner, the media buttons and the very comfortable volume volume knob traditionally stand out. There is also a soft removable stand under the palm of your hand, but it is useful to those who print more than they play.

As we have already said, the backlight in Alloy Elite RGB can be configured separately for each button, and the presets are stored in the memory of the keyboard itself. For those who love furiously zamkat on all the keys at once, in the Alloy Elite RGB is the technology N-Key Rollover, through which you can simultaneously squeeze 10 buttons with your fingers, another nose, heels forehead and two tongue - and all of them will be processed and transferred to the game. Now remember how in early school childhood you and your friend played Mortal Kombat on the same keyboard, and sometimes your presses were not processed, because your opponent clamped three buttons at once! It's time to take revenge - take HyperX Alloy Elite RGB, call a friend, put on the very Mortal Kombat and this time do not lose.

HyperX Pulsefire Surge Mouse

Pulsefire Surge is not a “Pulsefire FPS with light bulbs”. The manipulator is different not only externally, but also internally. The novelty is not just beautiful, bright and shimmers a little more than all the colors of the rainbow, but also has a new sensor - it is more accurate and faster than in Pulsefire FPS.

The design of the mouse echoes the Cloud Flight headset - it has become more combative, serious and solid. The contour of the manipulator made a transparent strip, under which are hidden RGB-LEDs. At the same time there are not one and not two of them, the lights are generously installed along the entire perimeter. In the "transfusion" mode, the mouse literally floats a multicolored wave, in reality it looks super cool, photos cannot be conveyed. Of course, the backlight will be configured through the HyperX NGenuity application, and there will be a tool for creating macros.

And what's new inside? Rich inner world Pixart 3389 high-precision sensor (3310 in Pulsefire FPS) with simply indecent declared resolution of 16,000 dpi. Of course, we do not participate in stupid dpi races, but since there is such a sensor on the market, it’s a sin not to install. HyperX also tries to take the coolest and latest components for their products.

We hear a question from the audience: “What the hell is that sensitivity?” Sensor resolution is not about the speed at which the cursor moves. The higher the dpi, the more accurately the mouse handles the slightest movement along the most difficult optics surfaces. You can set the maximum resolution on the mouse, but coolly reduce the speed of the cursor - get the usual sensitivity in games with the highest accuracy of movements with any jerks of the manipulator.
Omron switches, which are present in all respected mice, are still set under the buttons. A resource of 50 million keystrokes implies that your finger falls off rather than you click.


Russia for HyperX is one of the key markets, so not only all three devices, but even all versions of the Alloy Elite RGB keyboard with different mechanics will appear on the market. Keyboards arrive in stores by February at a price of 12,000 rubles. The cost of the headset and mouse are not yet ready to voice, as their sales are not expected in the coming months.

The CES exhibition is a good reason to show the new items. During the announcement of new products, Mark Liesem, HyperX Vice President, said:

“Our selection of products for the CES exhibition once again underlines HyperX’s desire to give gamers of any level the most efficient and reliable accessories. And it doesn't matter if you like first-person shooters for consoles, duels on PCs or serious cyber competitions with players from all over the world. Our new products give players the freedom, comfort and the ability to fully customize, so that they can only have one thing - to enjoy the game. ”

The exhibition has almost come to an end, how many new items will go to stores. But this does not mean that gamers now have to wait a whole year in anticipation of the next HyperX products. We can't wait to show you many more cool things this year! However, all the time;)

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