Gadgets for the little ones, created by parents for parents

Kids gadgets (meaning devices for very young children) can not be called common. This technology sector is developing very slowly. Nevertheless, every year scientists, engineers, doctors and designers offer more and more new devices that make it easier for parents to care for their babies. In some cases, such offers come from those who are themselves parents and are well aware of what the person who has the baby in his hands needs.

In 2017, several useful gadgets for kids were released - let's see what they are.

Valve aLoo for bottle

Parents who feed babies from bottles with breast milk know that the baby should eat everything at once. If it does not work out, the milk has to be poured out, since the bacteria that get along with the saliva, make it unfit for consumption rather quickly. aLoo is the first device that allows you to close the return flow of milk. The valve is installed in the cap with the nipple, so the contents of the bottle remains pristine-clear, and milk can be used after feeding, without fear that it will deteriorate.

The project campaign was launched in June 2017 on Kickstarter , collecting $ 21,000 for 1 month.
An important point - aLoo Valve is suitable for most bottles of popular manufacturers, but we recommend checking compatibility on the official website .
The cost of the device on pre-order - $ 12.99. Delivery is scheduled from January 2018.

PopYum Bottles

Another headache is mixing the milk mixture with water or milk. Usually you need to pour everything into a bottle, close it, and start shaking. It is not very convenient. In addition, quickly mix everything does not work, especially on the go.

PopYum is a new type of feeding bottle. Its design involves the separate storage of infant formula and, in fact, water. As soon as the child begins to ask for food (well, the parents distinguish the cries of a hungry child from the cries of a child who was upset about something, right?), All this can immediately be mixed (with one hand), getting a homogeneous mixture. Producers, by the way, guarantee that such a bottle will not leak. In addition, breast milk can be stored in a bottle, if needed.

The project last year appeared on Kickstarter , where he collected more than $ 10 thousand. It is not so much, but it was enough for the start of production, the goal is completed, the project is launched.

Owlet Smart Socks

Most baby monitors are one or more cameras and a terminal to which data is transmitted. Such devices allow you to monitor the child and know exactly when he cries, moves or just sleeps.

Owlet introduced a smart sock (although this is not quite a sock, but a form factor of this kind) of its own production, which includes a sensor, a battery and a Bluetooth module. All parents need is to wear a smart sock, attaching special tape to the child’s foot. After that, all data will be collected by this device and transmitted to the smartphone. This idea, in fact, is not new, but it is implemented quite well. Data is transmitted over a relatively large distance, the connection is fast.

This device was recognized as the best gadget of 2017 for kids. Its cost is large enough - $ 299.99. Payment goes for the device and for a subscription to its application. Plus the fact that you can not pay all at once, and pay in installments during the year.

Breast Pump Willow

How to get breast milk? With the help of special pumps. Willow offered its own solution - a breast pump that works automatically. He is spared from the usual in such cases tubes and other elements. Plus, this breast pump can be placed under clothing. Its operation is controlled by a mobile device application.

Included are not only mini-pumps, but also a few tools for their care, in addition, there are milk bottles, charging and manuals. They say that goldfish and coffee are not included in the kit, which is a pity ... The price of the device cannot be called divine either - Willow will have to pay $ 479.99 for a set of Willow. And you can not buy right away - for now you can only become a member of the Beta program, for which you need to register. But the idea is interesting, the only thing - I would like to hope that the price will be reduced.

As a conclusion, we can say that gadgets for the little ones are often very useful. In addition to those devices that are listed above, there are many others. Maybe you use some yourself? If so, tell us about them, it will be interesting to all of us.


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