CES 2018: Who is the main exhibit?

The Consumer Electronics Show 2018 is held in Las Vegas from January 9 to 12. And what yesterday was a prediction or future, today, on Saturday, January 13, 2018, becomes a trend. All three days we followed the sessions and exhibits in a non-stop mode and outlined the best for you. Read, discuss - the world changed only yesterday.

Only this duck deserves to symbolize CES

Intel insiders: CES king and January facker

In October 2017, Intel announced the release of a 17-qubit quantum chip, but on the very threshold of CES, on January 8, 2018, the company introduced a 49-qubit chip, effectively determining its quantum superiority. While the new chip is codenamed "Tangle Lake". When the chip will be available for use is not yet known.

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An Intel Loihi test chip with artificial intelligence was also mentioned - the company said that it has a fully functioning neuromorphic chip that is already undergoing laboratory tests.

Intel will also be the technology partner of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, and VR technologies will be deployed using Intel True VR. Inside the playing fields and winter tracks, 360-degree cameras will be placed, “stitched” into a single media canvas using software. Fans of winter sports will be able to choose the angle from which they want to see the competition. Also, cameras will be placed on the helmets of hockey players. Intel's partner in media experiments will be Paramount Pictures.

Intel also announced a joint project with Ferrari North America - during races drones will shoot videos and use artificial intelligence to analyze information and transmit telematics data to pilots and engineers in real time. These technologies are expected to change the quality and content of television broadcasts. Already this year, the project will be tested on the Ferrari Challenge North America Series.

Of course, Meltdown and Specter were not spared. Intel is the company most affected by these two New Year exploits. At the CES scene, Intel made a commitment to fix 90% of affected processors released in the past 5 years by the end of this week. The remaining 10% promise to fix by the end of January.

In addition, Intel introduced many new technologies for transport, drones, entertainment, etc. The present journalists and experts mark Intel’s presentation as one of the most impressive.

CES laptops: slim, powerful, two-in-one

Laptops on CES are many and different. Top brands of the world presented their best news. Of course, this is all very expensive, but no less cool. The selection is definitely worthy of attention.

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While all these expensive monsters have not entered the market, you can acquire powerful gaming computers and good working laptops. We have compiled for you a rating of one of the most popular gadgets on Gearbest. And even made your page based on CES .

In the same section, we will take another device that deserves special and close attention. Hyperkin Ultra Game Boy is a time machine for gamers with a monochrome display, a simple speaker and a bulky design. However, this is one of the most iconic gaming devices ever created. It boasts a large library of 8-bit games, competing with the console of Nintendo, Sega Game Gear and Atari Lynx. Hyperkin Ultra Game Boy is an improved version of the original Nintendo hardware encased in a sturdy aluminum shell.

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In the meantime, this miracle is inaccessible to users and is just beginning its way, you can look at the very popular gamepad GPD WIN Handheld PC Game Console . By the way, in a strong case and with a bunch of ports for such a device.


CES is always rich in various gadgets and non-standard gadgets, but this year just some satiety - so amazing that you can not choose a list of interesting "toys."

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Meanwhile, at Gearbest, interest in such miners appeared much earlier than CES, which is not surprising with such a rush around Bitcoin. For example, pre-orders for AntMiner S9 are now being issued at a price of $ 5699 $ 4,999.99 with a coupon AntMinerS9 (30 times).

And T-bao FM01 Ethereum is already actively selling. Price $ 5015. We have a coupon - CoinGB . With him, the price will be $ 3,999.11.

If you want to build your farm, then everything for mining is collected on our promo page .

And yes, on this CES there were a lot of AR and VR. So far, everything is in the playing field, but it seems that these technologies are still destined to live and develop, although you can hear everything from experts.
Yes, and we noticed that the frequency of purchases of glasses and virtual reality helmets is growing. For example, PIMAX 4K UHD Virtual Reality 3D PC Headset and Original Xiaomi PLAY2 3D VR Headset are in demand and receive excellent reviews. This is not surprising - these two models are already stable and thoughtful gadget, and not the first sickening, dizzying experiments.

CES smartphones: gamer, tank and crimson rose

Even traveling on reports from CES, you can see that smartphones and, in general, the entire telephone history is presented at the exhibition very poorly and almost miserable. But the fact is that the main exhibition of the mobile industry is MWC, and the producers have saved it all. There will definitely be some super flagships and innovations. We are waiting.

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And we have top hits in China:

  • Xiaomi Mi 6 - a legend from the Chinese brand
  • Ulefone ARMOR 4G - secure, strong, almost unkillable phone
  • Nubia Z17 Mini - a beautiful, different from the rest, a smartphone. Girlish option for March 8 (hinting)
  • And for those who like to control from a smartphone and shoot amazing videos, there is a wonderful, functional and very cool kid-drone DJI Mavic Pro . Life hacking: if you buy it now, then by the summer you can master the management at the “Jedi” level and make super videos even on vacation, at least on traveling around Russia, even in urban landscapes.

TV CES: eyes run up

Surprisingly, this CES is a triumph for TVs of the most incredible formats. It was this trend that LG emphasized, which presented OLED Canyon to visitors - a huge tunnel of 240 displays 28 meters long. This is not a novelty, but the development of the LG idea from 2016. The company, of course, relied on this promo on Instagram - it's impossible not to remove this beauty, although some visitors describe their experience as a “walk through bright hell”.


Marketing through the looking glass

“My light, mirror, tell me, yes, tell me the whole truth, am I in the world all the nicer, all the more rosy and whiter?” What, have you not heard such things from your girlfriend, wife or sister? There is nothing left to wait for - soon you will hear, because a smart HiMirror Mini mirror with voice control was presented at CES. The accessory turned out to be talkative: analyze the face, say that yesterday’s beer with a fish before bed was not a woman’s business, show news, tell about the weather and give tips on makeup. This piece of Alexa on board will be available for purchase in the early summer of 2018. However, there is no future around here - in fact, this is a regular tablet that can talk at the expense of an Amazon assistant. And the trick is that so Amazon will be easier to sell cosmetics and all sorts of near-cosmetic pribludy. So in Russia and the CIS there will be no special sense from such a gadget - it will be cheaper to go to Lettual in several times.

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And this is not the only mirror at CES. In March promises to appear a smart bathroom mirror Verdera, again with voice control. It is stuffed with sensors, gives the desired level of illumination and other fishes. By the way, on this CES there are surprisingly many plumbing fixtures - smart baths, bathroom components and even a smart toilet with a bidet, auto cleaning, heated feet, air drying, aroma control (!), Music and automatic seat temperature control. By the way, also with Amazon Alexa on board. Euphemism “I'll go talk to the toilet” takes on a completely new meaning.

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Silver Briefs

Foil caps are no longer in trend. That's because the wrong places are protected by citizens, oh, not the ones. The lower (in all senses) Spartan Faraday Cage underwear will help protect the male reproductive function from the dangerous effects of cell phone radiation. These boxers, according to the manufacturer, block 99% of the radiation of a mobile phone and Wi-Fi networks due to the silver fibers woven into the cotton fabric. It was not by chance that they were called Faraday Cage - after the name of the device, invented by Faraday for shielding equipment from external electromagnetic fields. In addition, wearable gadget is also antibacterial. However, we recall that scientists have not yet come to a common opinion about the effect of wireless technologies on the brain, fertility, blood and other parts of the human body.

We accidentally turned on the autotranslator in Google Chrome and here, as he understood the term "nuts". In general, guys, let's take care of nuts and wrenches.

Breaking news: news outside CES

The spinners came in third among search queries on PornHub. We do not know what to do with this information, but it does not come from the head. In general, if suddenly after this news you need to turn them around with more meaningfulness, then something else remains in the warehouses .

All spinners can be viewed here , and we recommend this one in the form of a dollar to you - then you can confidently say that this dollar of theirs is ... on a finger.

Cars CES: electric cars, logistics and one helicopter

If the author of the article was delegated to CES, and not wool reports and reports for three days, then you would not read a word about phones, laptops and gadgets. There would only be cars, cars and another one, a super electric car for $ 750,000. CES is an electromobile paradise, and this year decent and mostly useful concepts were presented.

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But all this vain, motley, cool, sometimes stupid, sometimes fantastic, crowded and expensive, fully appropriate to the place where it was held, CES had to be held only for one thing - so that a small plush duck was represented on it. Namely, the robot My Special Aflac Duck or just a duck Aflak. It differs from the variety of exhibition robots: it does not carry coffee, it is not a self-propelled suitcase, it does not sweep the floor or talk to you. It is worth starting with the fact that the producer of the Aflaki duck is a company that has spent $ 120 million to support families faced with childhood cancer.

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This robot duck is intended for sick children to divert attention and alleviate the effects of chemotherapy. Numerous sensors react to touch, sound, lighting - duck just as alive. He dances, breathes and he even beats an electric heart. A child can feed and bathe the duck, and she is ready to take heavy chemotherapy procedures with him. To display the child’s well-being and mood, you can use sensory cues: a sad duck quacks with its head down, and the happy one is dancing merrily. A special chemotherapy line shows a child that their furry friend is undergoing the same procedure. The duck is worth about $ 200, but the manufacturer is ready to donate it to all children who have been diagnosed with cancer for the first time.

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Several times in the territories of CES, the light went out - the power grid did not withstand such a quantity of electricity consumption. This is symbolic: our world is going crazy - electric cars, hellish devouring cryptocurrency farms, endlessly charged gadgets. Our world raves about love-making boxes and smart baths, cell phones and fitness trackers, drones and chipocalypse. In the glittering Las Vegas, people are shooting on a video camera, as someone is shooting an OLED gallery on a smartphone, and the drone is looking after all of this. The world is not looking for balance - it consumes uncontrollably. But all is not lost yet, while in the depths of the sparklingly-tense halls the duckling of Aflak dances merrily, for which one thing is important - so that its little friend does not hurt. And important to us, right?

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