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This is a short publication for those who want to go to Australia for permanent residence. This is not a guide and you will not find anything new or secret here. This is a motivator. Many noted my ambiguous view on migration. Yes, I hate migrants who come to Australia (yes at least where!) With exclusively consumer intentions and do not want to assimilate or learn the language, but instead also try to bring their own laws and rules here and are exclusively engaged in breeding their own gene pool. But at the same time, I am very disappointed that young, energetic and motivated people from the expanses of the former Soviet Union are not able to make their way here. This motivator is for them.

Good old beginning of the 90s when only the lazy did not go anywhere have sunk into oblivion. Now it is hard to go anywhere, and Australia is not only not an exception, but it seems the absolute leader - to enter Australia seems more difficult than ever. Traditional methods no longer work. Many (including myself) came from independent migration. This is when they scored points and went through the competition. Now there are several big problems here. You need to pass English very well. And this is not just in a non-English speaking country. Some professions (medicine, for example) are practically banned. The lines are such that you will rather die than wait and the quotas allocated by our wonderful government just stink away with liberalism when they allocate equally for say Russia and for say Congo. Well, if you do not have enough close relatives in Australia, then your chances are close to zero - no matter how many points you score, there will always be someone who scores the same amount and at the same time he has an uncle in Australia who will give those 5 missing points.

Come to work and stay. Perfect option. The problem is that the employer must submit to the immigration department a paper in which he must substantiate that such an employee is impossible or, at least, very hard to find in Australia. This is more of a formality, but no one wants to mess around. If you really are such an employee for whom the employer is ready to tear the ass off the chair, then surely this is the best way - right here you start earning (and can also give you lifting) and live like a white man from day one. It is usually not difficult to convert a work visa into a permanent visa if you have worked a certain number of years.

Related visa. If you do not fall under the category of "the last member of the family", then forget it. And if you get, then get ready for a very long time to wait.

But there is another visa - to study. Yes, you say, this is how much you have to pay, and even live there for something. Without a rich uncle in any way. Not really. The script is. Young spouses 25 ± without children submits to study for one. Better to serve her. There may be any specialty, but it is better to choose one with which there will be fewer problems with employment at the end. And in advance, you need to take care that the course is long enough - with short annual courses, nothing will turn out and at the end you will get out of the country. If they take (pass easily enough, the basic requirements are English, but the level is lower than for independent migration), then the spouse is given a visa automatically. Moreover, if a bearer can work during his studies a very limited number of hours, then for the halves this range is much wider. It is better to record the wife as the main bearer because it is much easier for the peasant to find a black extra.

Study depending on the course and university costs from 12-14 thousand per year. It is quite possible to earn money here. Of course, you will have to squeeze in absolutely everything and live for 3 years in a “communal flat” with some Asians who fry herring every evening. This, of course, is not easy. And who said that emigration is easy?

After graduation, there are several ways. The visa is usually valid for almost a year after graduation. This year you can find a job and stay. It is incredibly easier with a local diploma and a normal language (it will be a normal machine gun after three years of study). In addition, it is possible (and necessary!) At the end of school to apply for independent migration from here. Here, the quotas are not at all those considered for several months and take almost with a guarantee if you graduated with excellent grades.

Anyway, I personally know two couples who are already citizens. One is my nephew with my wife and the second is their friends who have become our friends (well, or adopted children). And if the nephew did have an uncle, the second couple did absolutely everything herself. If you ask, is it worth it for three years in a communal apartment? My answer will be obvious. And even if something goes wrong it still costs - get an import diploma and good English; With such data you can find a good job in Moscow in a foreign company. I know those too.

So motivate - you will not regret. I will be only glad if someone motivates this motivator for active actions. Good luck. And appreciate your halves. All with the coming.

Ps. Please do not ask specific questions that can be found in the Internet - if you need to be led everywhere by the hand, then this immigration "hardcore" is not for you. Moreover, you all have to check and double-check because the rules change all the time. And God forbid somewhere in the beginning to write / say that you are going to stay - they definitely won't take it. Just want to learn.

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