The first trial for repost in Telegram

The first in Russia, and probably in the world, a lawsuit for a post in Telegram was filed by the minister against a social activist blogger. The court session was held on Tuesday, January 16, 2018. The blogger posted the old material of the publication from 2014 in his Telegram channel, where there are only 811 subscribers. The minister asks the court to recover 1 million rubles in moral damage, despite the fact that the post appearing in the lawsuit is not even copyright.

I want to ask you, how would you deal with the information that people openly write to you and ask to publish it, in relation to high-ranking state officials about their possible illegal activities, give you official documents proving this, provide publications in the media, TV programs where Is the information already announced? And if you publish it then you get a lawsuit in court? But what about Article 29 of our Constitution of the Russian Federation, which guarantees everyone the possibility of collecting and disseminating information?

- a blogger writes on his Facebook page.

Against the social activist Alexander Talipov, a well-known documented publication of insiders on the subject of corruption, three lawsuits on the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation were filed at once. The plaintiffs in all three cases are officials of the Ministry of Internal Policy, Information and Communication : the head of the department, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Crimea Dmitry Polonsky, his deputy Maxim Balatsky and the former deputy head of the department of the same ministry Ervin Musayev, who heads the official Crimean Tatar television channel Millet .

On the website of the Sudak court you can find two cases where the respondent Talipov A.V .:

Moreover, there was even one meeting on the first one on December 19, 2017, but it was postponed “because the defendant did not appear,” the respondent himself learned about this claim itself at the end of December.

There are two more cases on the website of the Central District Court of Simferopol :

All cases are in the category “Deeds of protection of non-material benefits -> About protection of honor, dignity, business reputation ...”

The proceedings in the Simferopol court took place and the details of the lawsuits are known - the deputy minister went to court after publishing a message on Talipov’s Facebook page on the official’s Ukrainian past.

Details of the claims of Polonsky and Musayev are not yet known. It is known that Minister Polonsky is trying to bring Talipov to justice for the message in the Telegram channel, where he was called an agent of the SBU. The blogger considers the simultaneous appearance of claims direct pressure on themselves.

Else [Moderator: Geektimes not for politics] removed. The essence of the conflict can be found by the names of the participants of the court “Polonsky” and “Talipov”.

And about the good. Please vote for the topic of the next article. About the last two years I have been making working trips around the Crimea with some frequency. During the trips interesting materials were found that I want to share. Articles have long been in drafts in varying degrees of readiness. They mostly contain interesting photo stories, except for number 3, where they managed to find a scientific work on the ecology of this project. I believe that for the purposes of “digital archeology” it is necessary to publish it. In the Internet, I could not find on this topic something significant.

1. Abandoned space communications center. In the photo below, used by someone to create a demotivator, the ruins of the Lunokhod control station. Now this does not exist. Once a military and secret spacecraft control center.

2. "On the forgotten alternative energy." The project of the late USSR. "Solar house" - using solar energy, he could heat and cool residential premises without electricity. Provide warm and hot water to the neighboring sanatorium year-round. It was built in the late 80s and therefore there is almost nothing in literature. I managed to talk in the Crimea with the former engineer of this installation.

3. "Kerch hydroelectric system is a forgotten megaproject." Ecological project to save the ecology of the Azov Sea and the transport transition (road and rail) through the Kerch Strait. Accidentally I found an article in the library about calculations of the effect of a structure on the salinity of water in the sea, which should have revived the sea.

4. “Unnecessary deep space” - a pessimistic article with a photo about the prospects of radio astronomy, astronomy, remote space communications. It appeared after a visit to the Crimea and is associated with the corruption facts that I see on Facebook at local community activists (there are no examples in the spoiler above ) and what I saw with my own eyes regarding the territory of scientific sites. Directly linked to the article Astronomers surrendered the sky under construction .


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