Early 2000s Ultrabook - Fujitsu LifeBook P-1032 Review

Of course, the word “ultrabook” was not yet there, and it is classified as a “subnotebook”. The device was quite convenient for transportation, especially in comparison with the then-three-kilogram IBM Thinkpad.

Not only its size and touch screen are interesting, but its processor is the Transmeta Crusoe TM5500. In 2002, when the line of laptops was introduced, I, like many here, did not particularly follow the laptop market, and did not hold this laptop in my hands. The processor line was not very successful, so everyone quickly forgot about them, but today we can again recall them, since they were essentially the forerunners of Elbrus from the MCST. What does Elbrus have to do with it? Yes, despite the fact that the TM5500 is also a VLIW processor, only unlike the descendant, it does not work natively, but always executes one program — the translation of x86 commands into its own instructions. Based on the fact that it is possible to use only x86, as well as from the fact that it was sold with Windows 2000, I decided to put this very OS on it.

Before I continue, here are its characteristics:
Processor - Transmeta Crusoe TM5500 700 MHz
Hard Drive - IDE 2.5 ”20GB
Display - Touch 8.9 "TFT LCD display 1024x600
Also: built-in sound card AC'97, two USB 1.1, PCMCIA-slot, DialUp-modem, 10/100 Mbit network card, and Mini-VGA output.

Included with the laptop was a USB FDD and floppy disk, which are stored in excellent working condition. Surprisingly, the battery for 16 years is also well preserved, and the charge lasts about two hours (a stone in the garden of modern devices).

Bottom-up: 15.4 laptop, fujitsu lifebook p-1032, raspberry pi

Another handy feature in this laptop, which is very lacking in modern devices - a screen with indicators of battery, charging, disk, capslok:

First of all, I tried to download the software that runs under Win2k, but, as I expected, I gave up half an hour and downloaded everything I needed from a more modern computer: most of the sites display adequately, but even with the old browser it is very slow due to lack of memory.

The software is good, but if it doesn't talk about serious work, then the games go in the course. It works quite well for Half-Life, Worms Armageddon, and Age of Empires 2 - everything that I played in 2002. In general, it’s good to be nostalgic for old games!

Also, some synthetic tests in AIDA64: CPU Queen failed the processor, but on the AES CPU it performed better than the Pentium 3. Yes, this is just a find for the spy:

If a laptop without brakes, graphic editors, then draw on it would be a pleasure. But, despite the characteristics and age of this notebook, I still found practical use for it:

That's all. All good New Year's holidays and interesting pieces of iron!

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