New DJI Osmo Mobile 2 and Ronin-S Stabilizers

Recycled Osmo Mobile 2 turns smartphones into smart Steadycams, and Ronin-S is the first DJI stabilizer to hold DSLR cameras and mirrorless cameras in one hand.

January 7, 2018 - DJI, the world leader in the field of creative technologies for cameras, unveiled two new portable camera stabilizers at CES 2018 - Osmo Mobile 2 and Ronin-S. Designed for smartphones, SLR cameras and mirrorless camera systems, they provide consumers, professional videographers and photographers with new tools to record high-quality, stable videos and capture stunning photos.

DJI Osmo Mobile 2

Osmo Mobile 2 is a camera stabilizer for smartphones that shoots stable videos and makes panoramic high-definition shots with cinematic dynamism and incredible ease. Thanks to advanced camera stabilization technology, your video stays steady, even if your hands are shaking or moving, and DJI SmoothTrack technology detects and compensates for camera movement to ensure continuous, cinematic shooting.

Lightweight and portable, the Osmo Mobile 2 is made of high-strength, modified nylon and has a foldable design that is ideal for everyday use. The two-sided mobile clip allows you to easily switch between landscape and portrait orientation so you can choose the most attractive full-screen format for your shooting. In addition, a 1/4 inch universal screw mount ensures compatibility with your favorite photographic accessories, making Osmo Mobile 2 more versatile than ever.

Osmo mobile 2

Simplified controls allow you to use your phone’s camera as a professional camera with built-in settings for ISO, shutter speed, etc. The new zoom slider allows you to fully control the camera of your smartphone with a pen, and you can even zoom out transtraf, a visual effect that is usually created only in professional films.

A more powerful built-in battery allows you to shoot up to 15 hours, which is three times more than the original Osmo Mobile battery. A new USB port allows you to charge your phone while in use and serves as a power supply for charging other electronics on the go.

Osmo mobile 2

Intelligent software in the DJI GO mobile app reveals intelligent photo and video features to help you create professional content automatically. Video operators can use various modes, including ActiveTrack, to automatically track moving objects, Motion Timelapse with five different camera positions, Hyperlapse to create impressive time-delayed video clips when moving the camera, or upload videos to popular social platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. Photographers can expand their creativity with features such as Panorama, Long Exposure and LightTrail.

DJI Ronin-S

Ronin-S is the first stabilizer of DJI for DSLR cameras and mirrorless camera systems. Available in two frame sizes for any type of camera, the powerful and reliable DJI technology provides smooth, silent video and clear photos, adding cinematic and professional gloss to your work.


Powerful high torque motors support the most popular camera and lens combinations, including Canon 5D, Panasonic GH and Sony Alpha systems. Its stabilization system compensates for the increase in lenses with a higher zoom ratio and an external barrel for zoom, while its improved stabilization algorithms work with both stabilization in the lens and the camera’s built-in lens.

Creating stabilized videos has never been easier, because Ronin-S was designed specifically for ease of setup and use. The new Push mode allows you to manually adjust the pan and tilt axis when the Ronin-S is on, and locking the axis speeds up the setup process, so you can spend more time shooting and less time preparing your equipment. Ronin-S has a comfortable, ergonomic curved design that helps to produce smooth kinematic movements from the vertical to the lower position, without interfering with the camera shooting. The Ronin-S also features intelligent DJI battery technology, which can be quickly replaced directly during operation to increase the duration of continuous shooting.

Dedicated control buttons for the camera and gimbal allow you to switch between SmoothTrack settings, record video and stop the camera, and a high-precision joystick changes the camera position to perfectly focus your shot. New sports mode allows you to shoot fast moving objects.

Use the intelligent shooting modes on the Ronin-S via the DJI Ronin mobile app to automatically create complex camera movements, such as panorama, haperlapses, tracking and CamAnchor, which allow you to realize specific camera positions when shooting and switch between them on demand. Directly adjust SmoothTrack parameters using special controls for fine tuning on each axis. Camera settings can also be changed directly.

DJI Ronin-S

Ronin-S is compatible with various accessories of the DJI Pro line for shooting in any conditions and expanding your creative freedom in any location. Supported accessories include a focus control device consisting of a focusing disk and a screen, allowing for enhanced control of the gimbal and focus without a mobile device, car fasteners, DJI Master Force, DJI Master Wheels, a motor with an external focus and an adapter for a cheese platter, so you can use your favorite third-party accessories. Support will also be available for holding with two handles when an additional level of comfort and stability is required.

Cost and opportunity to purchase

Osmo Mobile 2 will be available for order in the second half of February. The price is 11026 rub.
Ronin-S is expected on sale in the second quarter of 2018. Price will be announced later.

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