Nintendo Announces Cardboard Controllers for Switch

The Japanese company Nintendo has always been remarkable for its quirks. Judge for yourself: who else would have made a game about a plump Italian plumber who fights with turtles in a sewer under the influence of fly-agaric? Yes, all geeks have heard this joke a hundred times, but the next news is for the first time: Nintendo made assembled cardboard controller-toys for the Switch console. Let's see what they are.

The entire DIY accessories series is called Nintendo Labo, and each individual toy in it is Toy-Con, in order to be in tune with the name of the original Joy-Con controller.

Details are squeezed out of cardboard tablets by hand. Assembly takes place without glue, but ready-made models are easy to paint with markers or decorate with paper ribbons. Even for models need special plastic connecting elements or laces, they are included in the kit.

All instructions are interactive and are given on the console screen. At the end, you insert the Switch in a specially provided slot, and it turns out a small interactive toy!
In addition to the instructions for the console, there are games complementing the carton. If you have collected a fishing rod, you can fish.

Have you made a robot costume? Congratulations, you now have your own Gundas!

And on the piano with 13 keys you can play some simple melody.

The app will also help you figure out how each Toy-Con works. It is the “how” - why, say, when you press the cardboard key, the sound comes out? Or what turns a toy rod into a controller? Such a function in the spirit of Stem-toys designed for children, like the entire existing line of Labo. Alas.

But adults also have hope if the novelty turns out to be popular. According to the president of the American branch of Nintendo Reggie Fiss-Eime, Labo has the opportunity to become “wider” in terms of age.

So far, two sets are ready for release: the Variety Kit, which includes an interactive fishing pole, a machine, a motorcycle, a house and a piano, and a separate set with a robot, predictably called the Robot Kit. The first one is designed for children from 3 years old and costs $ 69.99, the second is for children from 7 years old and costs $ 79.99.

Since Nintendo Labo for the Switch console was announced on January 18 at 01:00 Moscow time, we cannot yet say for sure when you can get a cardboard toy in our online store. But we promise that readers of our blog will know about it first. Follow the news!


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