Intel NUC Hades Canyon - a new skull with brains. And eyes

An interesting coincidence: the first topic on GeekTimes in the past, 2017, was the Intel NUC (model Scull Canyon ) - we tested it at home . And now, exactly one year has passed, and again we are talking about the NUC, even more powerful and gaming - Hades Canyon, equipped with the latest Intel Kaby Lake-G processor with Radeon RX Vega M graphics . True, this time the novelty has just been announced, however, now we have something to tell about it.

So what is the Intel NUC Hades Canyon? First of all - the most powerful NUC in history. In a tiny box (a little less tiny than usual, but still) any Intel Kaby Lake-G processor can be installed, including the top i7-8809G with a TDP of 100 watts and an unlocked multiplier for overclocking. Thus, the performance of Hades Canyon is equivalent to a desktop PC with a powerful processor and decent discrete graphics, which are used for games and professional needs. So a comparison of specifications suggests that the i7-8809G can compete on an equal footing with systems based on NVIDIA GTX 1060. At the same time, the size of Hades Canyon is still smaller.

Further, the Intel NUC Hades Canyon is the smallest VR-compatible platform to which HTC Vive, Oculus, and other gadgets can be connected. More precisely, they can be connected when it goes on sale.

In addition, for the new Intel NUC, a special cooling system has been developed, allowing to install a “hot” processor in a small package. Here's how it looks disassembled.

Pay attention to its main features:

By default, NUC fans rotate at up to 70% maximum speed. This value can be increased in the BIOS, for example, for overclocking needs. For example, the memory frequency can be easily increased from 2133 MHz to 3400 MHz.

The next feature of the Intel NUC Hades Canyon is the abundance of ports for connecting to everything. I think there is no need to bring them a list - everything is seen in the photo.

Another note about the NUC hull. Perhaps, it will seem boring to someone, but ... it is only up to the moment of inclusion. Because when turned on, the following transformation will occur.

Effectively, right? By the way, this light is not just a light bulb, but an RGB LED with the ability to customize any combination of colors. It is also a difficult engineering solution, by the way - to achieve a bright and clear multi-colored picture (and its absence, when not necessary).

So, Intel NUC Hades Canyon should be on sale this spring. Two models will be released: the top-end processor-based Intel Core i7-8809G and simpler, based on the i7-8705G worth $ 999 and $ 799, respectively, which is comparable to the starting prices of previous Skull Canyon. For thirsting for textures under the spoiler - their detailed characteristics.

Specifications Intel NUC Hades Canyon. Clickable


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