Tello minidron smart

Tello Toy Drone - which was called the new DJI creation online, but in fact it is a start-up of the Chinese company Ryze Tech .

Who else is not familiar then we present you a promotional video:

The kopter is a mini-drone weighing only about 85 grams, but having an impressive filling in the form of an Intel Movidius Myriad 2 processor, sensors and sensors including an Intel vision processing unit (VPU), a barometer and stabilization technologies from DJI, which make it quite smart and safe.

Tello is equipped with an HD camera and the “EZ Shot” function is immediately configured, which allows you to automatically shoot video, fly in a circle or perform a smooth departure / approach. Now you can devote more time to posing in front of the camera than managing the copter.

Thanks to a special “vision” system, Tello can float with amazing accuracy and land on an outstretched arm. Due to its small size, it is quite safe: it comes with flexible propellers, propeller protection and collision avoidance system. And even when you do not control the flight with your hands - Tello freezes on the spot without movement. These features plus automatic take-off, automatic landing, battery discharge protection will allow your children to use it with ease and comfort. Management is carried out through the Tello application from the App Store or Google Play.

Transferring HD video to a smartphone will allow you to see everything through the eyes of the drone. The application is compatible with popular models of VR glasses for diving into unmanned races.

The heaps of other copters were also able to do all this, the key focus of this model is the possibility of flight programming using the Scratch language (Scratch) , which allows children and teenagers to learn the basics of programming.

Scratch (Scratch) is a visual programming environment for teaching primary and secondary school students. Created as a continuation of the idea of ​​the language Logo and Lego. Scratch 1 was written in Squeak, Scratch 2 is focused on working online and rewritten in Flash / ActionScript. Scratch is developed by a small team of programmers for children at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Programs on Scratch consist of graphic blocks, the signatures of which depend on the language chosen for the interface. One of 50 interface languages ​​can be selected, including Russian. To connect the interface in the new language, standard gettext files are used.

With such a drone, you can program Tello to begin a series of coups with one team or create your own flight paths using the easy-to-use block-interface of the MIT Media Lab programming language called Scratch.

The flight time is up to 13 minutes, the range is 100 meters, I suppose that in real conditions both indicators will be lower.

This model is expected to be on sale in March, on our website you can subscribe to a notification about the receipt of the Tello quadcopter for sale.

Ps. Write in the comments who would be interested to play with writing programs for this baby and how interesting it would be to play a few drones among our subscribers.


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