Tests of the engines of the American heavy booster Falcon Heavy transferred

The SpaceX company planned to conduct on fire testing of the Falcon Heavy heavy rocket engine on Wednesday. To carry out such tests, it is first necessary to fill the launch vehicle with fuel, and then, after checking the systems, a test is already being conducted. This is a static test, during which the engines start, but the rocket does not detach from the launch pad. The test duration is about 15 seconds.

Unfortunately, engine testing had to be postponed , although the reason for this is unknown. The project team’s message states the following: “The first fire tests of the Falcon Heavy launch vehicle at site 39A in Florida are postponed at least until Thursday.”

The next test window opens at 1:00 pm EST time (around 9:00 pm Moscow time).

The rocket itself is based on Falcon 9. It is assumed that a heavy booster rocket can deliver more than 54 tons of various cargoes into orbit. The thrust developed by the engines is about 2.2 million kilograms. These are about 18 Boeing 747 aircraft taking off.

With the help of Falcon Heavy, SpaceX plans to launch into space a capsule with the electric car Mask himself, as well as two space tourists who fly around the Moon and return to Earth. According to experts, at the moment Falcon Heavy is one of the most powerful missiles in service in the world.

Source: https://habr.com/ru/post/409587/

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