LED lamps in Europe

On New Year's holidays, I went to the German shops Bauhaus, OBI, Saturn and looked at how things are going in Europe with an assortment of LED lamps and prices. I saw a lot of interesting things.

First of all, I note that Europeans are “forcibly” transferred to LED lamps in a very simple way - all incandescent and halogen lamps, regardless of power, cost 4 euros (~ 280 rubles) per piece.

However, this does not always help. In my presence, a German housewife came to Saturn with a blown incandescent bulb, looked for the same for a long time, found and addressed me as a passing man, asking if she found the right bulb. I told her that it was already 2018 in the yard and it was time to switch to the LEDs, showed her a filament lamp of 806 lm for 3.5 euros. The housewife thanked me and was very happy that I bought a light bulb that consumes 10 times less, it works 15 times longer, and it costs half a euro less. If I had not been there, she would have, like a huge number of other people, would have bought an incandescent lamp, despite the high price.

There are no compact fluorescent lamps in stores (I think we will not have them soon), but there are a lot of LEDs, and the vast majority of them are filament. And matte, and dimmable, and high power.

The two main European "lamp" brands OSRAM and PHILIPS are presented in all stores, except for them in each store there are bulbs for another 2-3 cheaper brands. There is no such a huge variety of brands like ours.

The cheapest LED bulbs that I saw on sale cost 3.9 euros per pair (1.95 euros or 135 rubles per item). 800 lm 9W. Brands GLOBO and EGLO see for the first time.

Bulbs of leading brands cost from 3.3 euros (~ 230 rubles) per piece. Philips 3 pieces 806 lm 8.5 W 9.99 euros.

Frosted Osram fillets 806 lm 7.2 W at 7.95 euros per pair (~ 280 rubles per joke).

Cheap bulbs are always sold for 2-3 pieces, and the exact same light bulb in an individual package for a price of one and a half to two times more can hang next.

OBI sells a lot of filament lamps under its own brand for completely inhuman prices of 8-9 euros (~ 550-630 rubles) per piece.

Regular “candles” Philips 400 lm for 5 euros, and filament for 8 euros per pair.

Osram heavy duty filaments - 8 W 1055 lm and 11 W 1420 lm. The price, for some reason, is the same - 10 euros (~ 700 rubles) per piece.

Philips filament and regular bulbs with three levels of brightness and dimmable filament candle. 8-10 euro per piece.

Many of these lamps still "did not reach us", but will soon get there. If you look at the total range of lamps, then the filaments are already more than ordinary ones and they are no more expensive. Apparently, the future is really theirs.

© 2018, Alexey Nadyozhin

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